I want a pet that's not a dog or a cat. What are some unique animals I can get for my FAMU apartment?

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When you're looking for a pet to keep with you at pet-friendly FAMU apartments, it's important that your new best friend is just right. Getting a pet is a long-term commitment, so you need to be sure that it's something you really want. If you don't want a dog or a cat, but you're still looking for an animal companion, your options aren't as limited as you may think! Many people own more exotic pets such as reptiles, amphibians, fish, or birds. This article will run through a few animals that aren't dogs or cats that make great pets, and why they might be the right pet for you.

Furry pets

If you don't want a cat or dog, but you still want a fluffy animal that you can pet, consider getting a rodent. Common rodent pets include hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, and gerbils. There are many misconceptions about rodents that make them seem undesirable, but they can be adorable animal companions. Rats may make you think of a dirty street, but, domestic pet rats are very clean, loving, and intelligent. Rabbits are considerably smarter than they're given credit for; they can be potty trained, and some owners can choose to let their rabbits roam their FAMU apartments like a house cat.

Keeping your pet comfortable at your FAMU apartment

Generally, the best apartments near FAMU for dogs depends on location, such as whether or not there's a park nearby. For reptiles and amphibians, this isn't an issue; they don't need to be taken out, and so their comfort depends entirely on their indoor enclosure. To keep these pets happy, you need the right terrarium and environment. You'll likely have to keep an eye on the heat, humidity, and levels of sunlight in your pet's enclosure. For example, snakes require heat lamps, and frogs require high levels of humidity and plenty of water. Good research is absolutely crucial before owning one of these pets in order to create a terrarium environment where they can be happy and healthy.

Scaly pets

If you want a unique pet that's more cool than cute, a reptile may be the animal for you. Reptiles are self-contained; they can live their entire lives in their terrariums. No fur means no allergy risks. Reptiles don't require training or human attention, so if you're busy, a reptile won't take up precious time in your schedule. Some common reptile pets include leopard geckos, corn snakes, bearded dragons, and chameleons.

Slimy pets

Amphibians are fairly active pets that can be fun to watch in their terrariums. Frogs, salamanders, toads, and newts make good pets. Due to their porous skin, they require a lot of clean water and can be averse to handling. Some feel that amphibians are disgusting, but others are attracted to their bright patterns, and others even consider them cute. Pet owners that enjoy the macabre will find fascination in live feeding that some amphibians require. If you want an interesting pet in a beautiful, natural terrarium, an amphibian may be right for you. Check out all the Tallahassee apartments that allow birds or aquariums here.

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