Do I have to give a notice to vacate when my lease ends?

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Your apartment community will let you know when it is time to renew!

The majority of residents who live in apartments near FSU tend to have a cloudy perception of what their future may entail. Whether it be staying in the city after graduation, or relocating to a new home to begin a career, finding FSU apartments that are able to accommodate to the indecisive residents is quite the norm.

The city of Tallahassee has nearly 65,000 students. Nearly 65% of the Capitol City's population is students at Florida State University. With TCC and FAMU residing just around the corner from campus, the Southwest district of Tally has made searching for a new home a seemingly limitless task.

When searching for FSU apartments, you will generally encounter the option for periodic tenancies. Periodic leases or tenancies are leases that set for a specific duration of time. This time could be a month to month, week to week, or even a year. More often than not, your unit will be set by a beginning and end calendar date a year following the date you moved in.

Generally, in a periodic tenancy, the tenant or landlord must give notice to the other party if it tends to terminate the contractual lease agreement. The amount of notice is either specified in the language of the contract or by the State's Statute, which is normally a 30 day notice prior to your move out date.

Although moving out on the date your lease ends may not implicitly be deemed a termination of your contract, most leases state that without notice to vacate one month prior to your end date, the lease automatically renews. Take precautions with what your apartment contract stipulates. To be on the safe side, most FSU apartments do require a notice not to renew or a notice to vacate 30 days prior to leaving your home.

If you are unsure of how to create your notice to not renew or vacate, just make sure that the following are included: 1) the statement must be in writing, 2)with the address of your home, 3) the termination or move out date and 4) your signature. A sufficient document will state “30 days from now, on specified date, I will be vacating the home at 1234 mulberry lane as stated as the termination date in the lease agreement. I will not be renewing my tenancy. Please regard this as my official notice to vacate. Signed the tenant.

More likely than not, apartments near FSU will require you to notify the management staff of your intent to vacate, terminate or nonrenewal of your tenancy.

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