What are the neighborhoods surrounding TCC?

There are many TCC apartments located throughout several of Tallahassee's popular neighborhoods. Each district within the city offers unique characteristics, always capturing the inner workings of the town's inviting culture.

The small Capital city is located in Leon County. Encompassed in a mix of students, families and business professionals, the quaint town disperses its residents throughout several different neighborhoods.

Southwest District

If you are attending the local community college, you may want to start your search in the student neighborhood of Southwest Tallahassee for a TCC apartment. Not only is this part of town within walking distance to class, the area is also home to several noble colleges such as FAMU and Florida State University. Most of the residents in this neighborhood are college-aged. Housing is quite affordable, as most communities in the neighborhood offer accommodating floor plans and prices.  Southwest Tally is afforded the luxury of being surrounded by handfuls of entertainment. These include college-based bars, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping plazas. Parking can sometimes be limited in properties, particularly those located just next to the academic institutions.

Northwest District

If you are searching for TCC apartments located in a rural setting, the Northwest neighborhood is just that. If you have ever been to the student neighborhood before, you will quickly learn that the Northwest neighborhood is almost its opposite. This community is laid back, quiet and has plenty of grassland areas to take advantage of. These recreational site include Macclay Garden State Park, Tom Brown Park and Cross Creek Golf Course. Communities here can be of higher-end quality and very affordable. More families than students are attracted to this region.

Northeast District

The neighborhoods located in the Northeastern area of the city are almost a well blended mix of a rural atmosphere and collegiate vibe. As a result of a mixed population of families and students living in this neighborhood, many find it quite easy to settle down in this party of the city. There is entertainment just near by as well as schools and hospitals.  Communities in this area vary in luxury lofts and student catered dwellings.

Midtown District

Midtown is also fairly similar to the Northwest District, however it is much newer and trendy. Young business professionals, older students, and young families occupy much of this area due to its convenience in location to major roadways and its entertaining attributes. Midtown consists of several popular bars, restaurants and boutiques. You will find plenty of students spending their weekends in Midtown. Housing prices tend to be in the middle to high range.

The Capital of Florida is compromised of many districts and neighborhoods, all in which cater to its mass population of students. Although must students tend to settle down near campus, there has been a growing population of college residents living in both Midtown and the Northeast neighborhood. Each part of town does have affordable housing and a variance of types of communities. When looking to stay near campus, know that the student district is the closest to class. However, the other neighborhoods are really just a very short drive away from school.

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