Where are some of the best ice cream shops near Tallahassee apartments to satisfy my sweet tooth?

When the sweet craving hits, ice cream is always a fabulous choice! Whether you're into a fully-loaded banana split or a more traditional-style soft serve vanilla cone, there are plenty of unique and delicious local ice cream shops located within a close proximity to apartments in Tallahassee. So if you're looking for a much needed excuse to take a quick and satisfying break from grueling FSU life or your job, here it is!

Lofty Pursuits is more of an experience than just your typical ice cream shop near Tallahassee apartments. Specializing in a wide variety of creamy flavors, this locale also features handmade Victorian candy and toys. You will take a step back in time amongst the historic memorabilia and old-fashioned soda fountain. You may have never heard of Egg Creams or French sodas… but you can find them here! A variety of shakes, malts, sundaes and basically anything having to do with the word SWEET can be found on the menu. If you're extra hungry and feeling a little gutsy, why not go for The Kitchen Sink, which features 26 scoops of ice cream in a stainless steel sink with every single topping they offer. Okay, maybe you need to bring some of your roommates along to help share that one.

If you're looking for something to cool you off on a hot summer day near apartments in Tallahassee, hop in your car or grab the nearest mode of public transportation and head to Diva Pops, the all-natural handcrafted gourmet Popsicle shop. Serving up fruity, creamy and even spicy concoctions on a stick, Diva Pops has anywhere from 15 to 20 different flavors throughout any given week. The best part? This company's mission is to make their sweet treats healthy and nutritious, only using all-natural and fresh ingredients. Now you can enjoy your treats guilt-free!

Maybe you're in the mood for some good southern comfort treats right next to Tallahassee apartments. If this is the case, then Barb's Gourmet Brittles has you covered! Besides offering a variety of brittle and other candy flavors, Barb serves up homemade ice cream just like grandma used to make! With a great selection of unique flavors, this place is sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

Besides the local parlors, you also have a full collection of ice cream shop chains, like Bruster's Real Ice Cream and Cold Stone Creamery to choose from. If frozen yogurt is more your style, there are plenty of franchised names you will recognize near your apartments in Tallahassee. TCBY, Nuberi and Yogurt Mountain are just a few chains that you can find dotting the landscape. Enjoy your creation at the shop or take it home to your relaxing patio or balcony…there's no wrong way to enjoy a sweet treat!

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