What are some alternatives to using moving boxes when moving into Tallahassee apartments?

Moving into Tallahassee apartments can be tough. Especially when it comes to the plan on packing all of your belongings. Having great quality moving boxes can make or break your moving experience. This is true whether you are moving from a luxury community or an affordable apartment. However, when you go to actually purchase moving boxes, you can quickly realize that they can cost more than you ever thought. Moving companies will try to sell you boxes for a pretty penny. Crazy for a few sides of cardboard, right? However, if you are looking to save a few bucks, you do not have to subject yourself to the high prices, or shoddy packing that can come with trying to save time or money.

Apartments near Tallahassee are thankfully near a handful of great grocery and produce establishments. When there is produce, there are typically bananas. Where there are bananas, there are typically banana boxes, the boxes they come shipped in. When this yellow produce is delivered to grocery stores, the managers typically have no use for them. All managers hate waste, so all if really takes is a kind question to an associate to get your hands on these golden moving devices. Banana boxes tend to be in the greatest amount of supply, since they are shipped in the greatest quantity. This is also because they last longer. These boxes are very substantial and can handle even the heaviest of kitchenware. They are also quite large, which make them a great alternative to typical moving boxes. Keep in mind that whatever you move in the boxes may end up smelling like bananas – which may not be a terrible thing, depending on who you are!

If you are living in Tallahassee apartments and you are addicted to online shopping, you could have your new shipping containers in no time! If you frequent Amazon or other online retailers, old shipping boxes come in many different sizes and have the same sturdiness as normal packing boxes. In addition, they are free! It is a bonus if you save the packing material they came in. That way, when packing any fragile items or knick-knacks, you have a handy way to keep your valuables safe. It is great to hold onto these as they come in – just store them in any free storage space you may have to use in the future.

Maybe you do not have many things to pack in order to head to your new apartments in Tallahassee. Grocery bags come in very handy of this is the case! These free items are collected after your latest trip to your local Publix or Albertsons. Shoving non-fragile items in these bad boys can make for a very easy moving experience! Random things like your kitchen junk drawer contents, refrigerator magnets and other things will fit well in these plastic receptacles. You can also use shopping bags as an alternative for bubble wrap – to protect your fragile items!

Garbage bags are probably the most underutilized packing item when it comes to moving into Tallahassee apartments. Garbage bags stretch – which means they are great for large loads! Many people particularly like using garbage bags for packing their clothes that are hanging in their closet. Stuff it to the brim with your shirts and tops – you do not even have to take them off the hanger! You can even stuff them full with pants and other items. They are typically durable against rips so you can put as many clothing or home good items in them as you would like.


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