What should I do on move-in day?

Move-in day for TCC apartments is an exciting time, but also extremely stressful. Those of us who are fortunate may be able to hire movers to do all the heavy lifting for us; or have a lot less to carry due to having a furnished apartment. Regardless of whether you are moving a lot or a little, there are some things you can do to make your move-in day a little easier.

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for move-in day at TCC apartments is to check the weather. Nothing quite ruins move-in day like rain, especially if you are moving expensive electronics or large pieces of wooden furniture. Weather is never certain however, especially in Florida at this time of year. My advice is to check the weather anyways, or at the very least, be prepared for midafternoon showers.

If you are moving a lot of large objects, you may want to look into renting from U-Haul. There are plenty of U-Haul locations around Florida, particularly near TCC apartments. From U-Haul you can rent a variety of different trailers and vehicles, such as a moving truck, pickup truck, or cargo van. Having a trailer can be particularly important if you are moving fully built pieces of furniture. You don't want to waste time having to take your desk apart and have to put it back together.

Make sure to also look into the parking situation at the apartment complex you are moving into. Depending on which of the TCC apartments you have signed with, the parking situation on move-in day can vary a lot. Some complexes are more lenient, allowing people to park near the curbs in order to be closer to their units. I wouldn't risk it however; it is better to call the office and see exactly what their policies are. The last thing you want on move-in day is for your vehicle to be towed.

The last piece of advice I can really give you for moving into TCC apartments is to check the unit for damage. Before you move any of your stuff in on move-in day, head up to your unit and take a look around. Check for marks on the walls, carpets, and doors. Also check any appliances to make sure that they are working properly. You need to make note of any damages that may have been left by the previous residents of the unit so that you are not held responsible when you move out.

Most TCC apartments will provide you with a form so that they will have a record of any damages there when you moved in. If they do not have a form, make sure to take your own record with photos and such so that you are protected from any unfair fees. Without proof, no one can say for sure that you didn't cause those damages. Take some initiative and you will be fine.

Overall, with a little preparation and luck, your move-in day will go smoothly. I hope that your next year in your new home will be a good one. Who knows, if you like your complex enough, you may be able to skip move-in day next year.

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