Is Midtown more of a modern neighborhood?

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Live Oaks at 275
Live Oaks at 275 is in the Midtown neighborhood.

Are you looking for modern apartments in Tallahassee? It is no secret that Tallahassee is renowned for its historical charm. Built on a longstanding empire of traditional rural landscape, Tallahassee captures the essence of Southern civility within the expanding town. Empowered by its small town feel, however, the Capitol of Florida has broadened its scope to include some modernity into its architecture.


Between its canopy trees and rolling hills, stands an urbanized way of living. Midtown has gone from unknown to uptown in what seems over night. Midtown, Tally gets its name from being centered smack dab in the heart of town.  A short distance from downtown and the college district of the city, many find this spot to be strategically convenient.


This centered neighborhood is known for its alluring and chic ambiance. As more and more students move to the community, the district has evolved into a mini metropolitan suburb. Warmed with an inviting tone of youth and entertainment, the principal neighborhood allows residents to escape into a collection of urban and rural enjoyment.


Most modern neighborhoods are depicted to house coffee shops, bars, boutiques and restaurants and this neighborhood does just that.  Many Tallahassee apartments in this area are next to a variety of pubs, bars and local shops, vintage stores, bakeries and even wineries. Many who live here enjoy walking to and from there destinations taking up a strong use of the suburban sidewalks.


If cultured night life and friendly watering holes is what you are searching for, then this precinct may be just right for you. Tallahassee apartments here are practically just next door to the town's favorite night spots such as the Midtown Filling Station.


Unlike the historic quarters of the capitol, Midtown has strongly attracted a student population. Although there is a fine distinction between the living areas of Southwest Tally and this community, Midtown invokes the same playful and free-spirited environment. The town, however, still attracts a fair amount of families as well.


Popular and well reputable neighborhoods surround this centrally located region. These include Los Robles Gates, which is actually one of the town's first neighborhoods. These long last subdivisions, however, still reflect the modernity of the Midtown appeal.


As far as living goes, many units are updated and newer. The décor, however, may not be as luxurious or trendy as those in the downtown region. Most units have been recently renovated and are well into the modern area as opposed to reflecting Tally's well-known historic architecture.


Midtown is definitely considered more of a modern neighborhood, especially when comparing it to other towns within the city's limits. There are plenty of coffee stores, shops and bars within walking distance of your home, the population seems to be of a much younger and middle aged generation, and the night life is plentiful.  The town is conveniently centered just outside 

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