I am looking to meet new friends. How can I do this?

In Tallahassee, it is rare that someone will walk by without offering a hello or gesture to acknowledge or welcome your presence. This town is predominately populated with students who have come long and far to attend these campuses in the city. You can be sure that nearly everyone is a new comber to this area and is seeking friendship as well. The easiest way to meet new acquaintances when first moving to this town is to select a FAMU apartment that provides you with a roommate or roommate selection. These student-housing communities will provide you with a sense of friendship when first becoming accustomed to your new environment. These communities also host numerous social events such as pool parties and bar-b-Ques where you can set out to meet your new neighbors. You can easily find these types of living arrangements by using our search guide and selecting a living space with roommates! Another way to meet new friends is to visit your local bars, restaurants and join the community clubs!

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