Are there apartments with twenty-four hour maintenance staff near FAMU?

When moving in to a new place, it becomes difficult to gauge as to what may or may not need to be fixed upon first glance. Whether you are moving into an older, more historic home or a luxury apartment, chances that your unit will require the skill set of a maintenance staff are quite likely.

Is there a leak in your unit? Has your air conditioning stopped working in the middle of summer? These types of inhabitable incidents can definitely disturb your quiet and enjoyment rights as a tenant. If may be more comforting knowing that in the case of an emergency, your community offers twenty-four hour assistance.

Most FAMU apartments and communities in general do offer maintenance staffs in order to assist you with any discrepancies that may formulate throughout the term of your lease. However, the standard norm for many properties and apartments near Tallahassee is to provide their tenants with available emergency repair staffs during the weekdays of Monday through Friday. There are exception, however, for damaging repairs such as broken pipes, flooding, and relative catastrophe of that quality and nature.

So, what will happen if your Leon County rental erects defects not related to substantial and immediate damages to your unit? Most often, FAMU apartments infiltrate their maintenance systems through a work order process. Meaning, when you find a malfunction in your apartment, you either call the office management team or can go to a website and create a “work order.” This work order allows you to state the defect, the type of emergency it is, and your preference of time for it to be fixed. Management will usually review the problem and determine its urgency. If the repair does not make your dwelling inhabitable, your work order will more than likely be fixed according to a first in time system. Meaning, who ever requested a service prior to you will receive maintenance attention before you.

Keep in mind that some communities in the area do offer twenty-four hour assistance even for moderate repairs such as nonworking appliances and small leaks. Always be sure to ask your management staff if this amenity is offered in your community. If not, ask how long the average time line is in order to obtain repair.

Overall, most FAMU apartments do offer repair staff in order to assist you in any malfunctions you may experience in your unit. However, this assistance may be limited to weekday visits.

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