I am searching for nicer apartments in Tallahassee, where do I look?

Can't find luxury apartments in Tallahassee? For some, living in luxury can be worth spending the extra dollar. Not having to worry about a delay in maintenance or routine fixes that are accustomed in older Tallahassee apartments are just some of the benefits to living in a higher-end home.

Tallahassee apartments come in a variety of units and floor plans in order to accommodate to its diverse residents of students, families, and everything in between. From minimal dwellings to resort style units, you will find an array of living arrangements within the city.

The city of Tallahassee, even though the Capitol of Florida, is not a very large city contrary to what many perceive about the area. Home to two large state universities, much of the town tends to cater to its heavy student population. This does not constrict your ability, however, to find luxury apartments in Tallahassee.

When first moving to the region, you will quickly notice that like most cities, there are homes throughout the town. Meaning, apartments in Tallahassee are located all throughout its districts. When searching for luxury properties, the easiest area to look is in downtown. Downtown units are newly built with modern architect and updated fixtures. Many business professional take up residence in this area due to the neighborhoods industrialized vibe. With sleek designs, and roof top lounges, it is not difficult to call this place home. It is work noting, however, that downtown is not exactly catered to a student-friendly budget. Traffic can also create a burden on those traveling outside of the district during rush hour, however, most living there do tend to work in the same location allowing them to walk to work.

Across town in the Northeast district, there are also very nice communities with luxury apartments. These buildings are particularly near Thomasville Road. Although this area is much more laid back than Downtown and slower paced, this is a great area suitable for families and graduates. The community is landscaped in canopy lined pathways and mixed with newer and older homes. The hospital, mall and entertainment is just a few minutes away from the neighborhood.

If you are searching for higher-end student housing floor plans, you may be able to find luxury housing catered to students. Rentals in this community, although surrounded by students attending the colleges, can be accommodating to resort style living. Some properties, as a result of the student influx, have been newly built or recently renovated. Amenities in this area even keep some residents from ever having to leave their home. These amenities include tanning beds, car washing stations, top of the line fitness centers, dog parks and computer labs. Additionally, these types of communities are quite affordable and designed to enhance student living.

In all, the best places to look when searching for newer and updated communities is to start your search in downtown. If you are looking for something more affordable, Northeast Tally and the student district of the town may also be suitable.


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