Is it a good idea to live in Northwest Tallahassee?

Are you searching for Tallahassee apartments just on the outskirts of entertainment, dinning and shopping? Try looking for apartments near Tallahassee in the Northwest district.

Northwest Tallahassee is located just outside of the downtown neighborhood and Capitol district. Populated with more of a family-friendly and older crowd than other parts of the city, this rural like environment offers a quaint like setting surrounded by convenience. Leon County's schools are just a few minutes away from the Northwest neighborhood. Unlike the Southwest region and some of the downtown communities, this suburb is outlined in much calmer easements, local shopping, and favorite restaurants. Tallahassee apartments in the Northwest neighborhood come in a variety of town homes, one, two, three bedroom apartments, luxury condos and single-family homes.

If you are an outdoors person, you are in luck. Just around the corner from this inviting community are several recreational parks that are perfect for exercise gurus, play dates, and plain outdoor enjoyment. Lake Talquin sit in the heart of this district, providing hiking, biking and jogging trails, fishing on the 500-foot pier and plenty of grassland areas to picnic and play.

Many refer to this suburb of Tally as a “small town” feel. Although it is just a very short commute to more fast paced communities such as downtown, Midtown and the student region, Northwest Tally maintains to grasp onto the historic foundations of the city, evoking serenity, one of a kind boutiques, and mom and pop dinners.

This region of the Florida's capital is a great idea for anyone looking to live just outside of the main parts of Tallahassee. Although you may find lesser students in this area, many graduates and alumni find this neighborhood to be quite accommodating. Although rent prices can be slightly higher here than in areas such as the Southwest location and even parts of Midtown, homes may entail more privacy, have more space and readily available parking.

To begin your search for properties in this area, it is easiest to look for places near Thomasville, the area's most popular street. From there, you can branch out to find which prices, places and spaces are best for you!

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