Where can I live to be next to Tallahassee’s history?

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Parkway Square
Parkway Square is close to Tally's best history.

An icon of historical significance, Tallahassee’s capital building proudly stands in the center of the downtown district. The capital building is the driving force of movement in the city of Tallahassee and has attracted visitors from all parts of the world. Surrounded by southern architecture styles, rolling hills, and oak shaded trees, it is difficult to shed the city’s historical past from Tallahassee residents.

Living near such a ancestry establishments, can be quite beneficial for those who wish to embellish in the town historical delight. With a mixture of old and new, it won’t be hard to enjoy Tallahassee apartments near its picturesque buildings.

If you are looking to get a glimpse of Congress in action, try living in the downtown district of Tallahassee, Here, you can get a balcony view of the New Capital, built in 1978. This reconstruction allows visitors to watch the current legislator in session. Enjoy a major staple of Florida’s government in the comfort of your own home. Downtown also allows you to live near the Governors Mansion which is patterned after Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. Complimentary tours are offered throughout the grounds of Goodwood Plantations house and gardens.

Park Avenue Historic District is amongst one of the more popular historic districts in Tallahassee. This area is a composition of ante-bellum homes and lush landscaped parks. Park Avenue includes twenty-seven historic building. Stop by the “Old Cemetery” for a taste of history. This cemetery is the oldest public burial ground in the city. The grounds were racially segregated with a separate section of religions as well.

If you enjoy the outdoors, apartments near Tallahassee in the Park Avenue district includes the popular St Mark’s Trail. This tree-lined trail follows along 19 miles of Tallahassee’s coast. Here, you can enjoy the city’s wildlife refuge while becoming one of the man eco-tourist attracted to the area. Maclay State Park and Bradford are also near this area. Here, you can take advantage of public lake access, boating, swimming, fishing, and more.

Park Avenue is filled with newly built and older apartments, homes, villas and condos. This area is a mix of more high end areas and affordable homes. To look for a property in this area, look for communities between Georgia and Tenneessee Streets.

The Calhoun District is also located in downtown Tallahassee. This district contains sixteen historical buildings. Here, you can live next to the fifty-two acres of Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science. The museums natural habitat includes animals such as red wolves, Florida Panthers, alligators . An old farm from the 1880s sits on the property as well as a child friendly discovery center. Specially held events are hosted at the museum throughout the year. For apartments in this area look for communities right outside FAMU, FSU, Oldtown and N Monroe Street.

Tallahassee has two main districts for those who wish to soak in the city’s historical elements. Inclusive on inhabiting in Tallahassee’s charm, Tallahassee apartments come old in new in Calhoun and Park districts. However, communities near the Capital building may be on the higher end of your budget.

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