Is TCC a party school?

The Tallahassee area is surrounded with over 65,000 students! This alliance of students is not known to be silent when it comes to the weekends or football season. TCC and any Tallahassee apartment community is known to showcase their collegiate pride day and night. Although it is safe to say that this area of Florida is more upbeat in regards to their rival schools in other parts of Florida, there are still places where you can find solitude and silence. However, if you are looking to be in the center of the party zone at all times, I would recommend to living on campus, in a student housing area, or right outside of TCC. Any of these areas will be the epitome of the busy area. If you do not know which apartment complex to live in that will be next to these louder area, try using out apartment guide! Select a place near your favorite streets near TCC, our website will bring up possible communities in that area for you to choose from. Our convenient map also allows you to see what areas you like best!

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