What is it like living close to campus?

When searching for FSU apartments, you may find that living closest to campus may be most convenient. The ease of living close to Florida State University, however, can also create a few notable issues you may want to address prior to signing a lease.

Living in off campus housing near FSU can be beneficial in many ways. For starters, you can save yourself the trouble of spending gas money and looking for a parking spot an hour before class—because it can take that long. Living in FSU apartments near the college institution will also center you in the heart of collegiate action, allowing you to easily meet new friends and classmates. Additionally, many restaurants and popular bars surround the borders of Southwest Tallahassee, allowing residents in the area to quickly establish their favorite water holes.

Conversely, however, living next to school can create a few troublesome issues. Arguably, the closer to campus you live, the higher the rent may be. This is due to the convenience of residing within walking distance to class. Be sure to weigh out the expenses of gas and the increase in rent to assure that being so close to your academic center does in fact save you money or is a beneficial decision. If you do not have a car, however, renting a unit in one of the complexes right off of campus will be one of your best bets.

That said, you may want to next turn your attention to the community atmosphere. In general, staying in the student district of the town means you are predominantly living with college students. Be ready to experience loud neighbors. Many of those renting in the area are living on their own for the very first time, nightly parties are considered the norm.

Despite the few subjective flaws in the area, many find that this district of the Capital city is quite accommodating. FSU apartments near campus offer a variety of types of living. These can include one-bedroom dormitory styled floor plans, to shared units and roommate selection plans. Again, do not expect to find many quite nights or personal time when living here. Moreover, many places in the surrounding region may be a bit smaller than homes just outside of the University grounds. Parking may also be limited, although available.

Overall, properties closest to Florida State can run at a higher cost in comparison to communities just a little further down the road. Your options may be limited as far as what types of housing you can stay in, parking may be a little overcrowded as well. However, you may be able to save gas money but not having to drive to class or to the local bars. You will rarely get bored in this areas, as most residents attend one of the three schools, making this district highly entertaining. The downside to living so close to the academic locations is the amount of noise and lack of privacy you may experience.


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