Any tips for doing laundry in apartments near FAMU?

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The Social Seminole
The Social Seminole offers it's residents the option of apartments with washers and dryers included, making doing laundry so much easier and convenient to do!

If you are a student attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, there's no way that you can go without doing your laundry at least a few times a month. Due to how often someone does laundry, it can become more expensive to have cleaning supplies and keep clothes clean all the time.

Doing laundry in FAMU apartments shouldn't be stressful and expensive. Many alternatives require more time and energy but can save you money in the long run.

Explore All Laundry Options in FAMU Apartments

If you are lucky enough to live in an apartment with washers and dryers included, you have the access to machines anytime you want. This is a great choice for people who want readily available washers and dryers at any time of the day. One thing to keep in mind is that using the machines all the time can increase your monthly utility bill in apartments near FAMU. In this way, doing laundry will cost you money no matter what you do. To save money, looking for apartments with utilities included can make it easier to afford to do your laundry more often.

Let's say that you don't have the luxury of living in a place with machines available to use. Your next step is to go find a laundromat in your area. For Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Students, Wash Around the Clock is the closest, most affordable, and convenient option. They cater to students and their washing needs and have multiple locations throughout the Tallahassee area. Not to mention, they offer free Wi-Fi and are open 24 hours.

Gather the Right Cleaning Supplies in Apartments Near FAMU

If you do end up doing your laundry at home, you will have to purchase and stock up on detergents, softeners, dryer sheets, and possibly a few stain removers. If you have a skin condition, opting for fragrance-free, and scent-free products will irritate your skin less and make your quality of life a lot better.

Sometimes when you dry your clothes, they wrinkle in the dryer. To avoid a lot of wrinkles, it helps to hang up your clothes in your FAMU apartment or hang them out in the sun to dry. Getting an apartment with a balcony or patio can make drying your clothes a lot easier. Purchasing a clothing drying rack can help prevent wrinkles and you can store it outside, so it doesn't take up room in your apartment.

Split the Costs with a Roommate in FAMU Apartments

When it comes to saving, sometimes splitting costs with another person can make it a lot easier to afford things. If you have roommates and you want to save money and detergent, you can both switch off and do laundry together. This way you will get the biggest bang for your buck and will only have to use your detergent and cleaning supplies every other time. If it's something you both discuss beforehand, it should go smoothly.

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