What are some of the best lake day activities for nature lovers near TCC apartments?

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In Tallahassee, when the weather gets hotter, it's always best to beat the heat and go outside for some relaxing and entertaining water activities. You could just stay home and float around in your Tallahassee apartment swimming pool all day, but getting out into nature and experiencing lake water is so much more adventurous!

One important thing to keep in mind is that lake activities are most exhilarating when you enjoy them with a big group of people. Getting a student apartment can allow you to meet more like-minded people that can join you and your TCC apartment roommates for exciting weekend activities at the lake.

The great thing about lakes in Tallahassee is that they are normally safe to swim in during the daytime and are so populated with activity and swimmers that alligators tend to stay away. This means that fishing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing are even better when done in large groups anyway!

Research Local Kayaking and Canoeing Opportunities

Whether you have personal kayaks and canoes in your TCC apartment or you are looking to rent some for the day, there are multiple options to choose from. Places like Jesse's Canoe and Kayak Rental and Harry Smith Outdoors allow you to rent their equipment for a reasonable fee. Depending on certain parks in the area, they might offer limited kayak rentals as well!

Lake Talquin State Park is a great example of a place that offers a huge area to take your canoe or kayak for paddling. This lake is 10,000 acres in size, giving you plenty of space to explore even on the most crowded days of the year.

Look into Swimming at Lakes Near TCC Apartments

Believe it or not, there are places other than public pools and pools in apartments near TCC to swim with your friends and roommates. When public pools get crowded, more spread-out bodies of water like lakes can make swimming less claustrophobic and allow you to interact with nature and the outdoors at the same time.

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park is a popular place to go to for lake swimming. They have a designated swimming area that allows people to take a dip and relax without disturbing the other parts of the lake meant for fishing and kayaking.

Try Your Hand at Fishing Activities

The great thing about fishing is that it requires very little equipment at the beginner level and can be done with another person or even alone. You can fish from a kayak or even just do it off a dock or the edge of the lake.

Lafayette Heritage Trail Park is an excellent place to start fishing as a beginner or even practice as an expert fisherman. This place doesn't offer kayaking or swimming options, so most of the lake is meant for fishing. They even have small docks and green areas that lead off into the middle of the lake where you can fish off from to get to larger fish.

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