Can I join an intermural sports team?

Intermural sports and clubs are provided to all students, staff members, and faculty! These recreational sports activities include a variety of individual as well as group sports and special events such as flag football, volleyball, dodgeball, dominoes, and bowling. Registration announcements are normally posted in the TCC student handbook or on the school’s intramural calendar. In order to join a team, you may contact a team captain or sign up as a free agent. Game schedules are normall Monday thru Thursday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Feel free to sign up with a team that suits your schedule best! Intermural sports are a great way to meet your collegiate neighbors and new friends! Not only is it a fun way to stay in shape, these activities are normally free and right near your TCC apartment to make it even more convenient. Reach out to the nearest Intramural Coordinator at your college campus located in room 106 of the Lifetime Sports Complex and get started!

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