I just got accepted into FAMU. When is a good time to start looking for an apartment?

It is rarely ever too early to begin your apartment search. Though, that's not to say you should start researching and touring communities years in advance. Most people begin their apartment search about four months in advance of their desired move-in date.

There are several benefits to signing an apartment earlier than later. Many communities offer deals to renters that sign early. These deals range from entrance in contests/raffles to discounted monthly rent. Additionally, starting your apartment search early can guarantee a larger pool of options to choose from. Lastly, (and perhaps most importantly), signing a lease can be a great stress relief. The weight of searching and apartment-hunting is immediately off of your shoulders.

Feeling a little rushed? Don’t worry; there are always communities with last-minute options available. As the leasing season comes to a close, apartment communities feel the pressure to lease out their remaining units. Because of this, they will often offer discounted rent or signing fees to last-minute apartment hunters.

Ready to begin your search? Rent Tally features a variety of Tallahassee apartments- many near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University! Take a moment to browse through the Tallahassee Apartments page. There, you will find a series of search-filtering tools. These sliders and checkboxes update your search based on your preferences.

FAMU is located in the Southern/Downtown area of Tallahassee. Use the "Neighborhood" checkboxes to zone in on these areas. You can also use the "Distance from a Location" slider tool to make your search more specific. With the slider tool, you can find apartments within 20, 10 and even 1 mile of FAMU!


Whether you're an early bird or a procrastinator, Rent Tally can help you with your apartment search!

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