Are there hotels near TCC where my family can stay during visits?

There are hotels and bed and breakfasts all throughout the city of Tallahassee to accommodate to travelers coming in to visit the city. Your family will have plenty of options available to them when looking for a hotel that is close to your apartment in Tallahassee. Just on Monroe Street, near downtown, you have luxury hotels to humble stays to select from. On the high end side is Aloft. This hotel has a more upscale and urban design to it. On the other side of Monroe is Baymount Inn. This hotel will be more affordable than Aloft. If you are staying near campus, it may be helpful to find a place near Tennessee Street. The Days Inn University Center a common grounds for other students coming to visit friends. If you are looking for a more classic style and comfort on Tennessee, look no further than Four Points by Sheraton. This hotel hosts weddings, banquets and is perfect for a family vacation! Plus, its right near Doak Campbell Stadium! However, please be warned that this hotels book up months in advanced prior to a big game. If you know your family is coming in town on a specific date, be sure to call weeks ahead of their arrival to book a hotel.

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