I have family and friends visiting during the holidays. Any tips on hosting guests at my FAMU apartment?

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Tally Square Apartments offer plenty of space to host your guests this holiday season while you are attending FAMU, with dining and entertainment options all minutes away.

The holidays are fast approaching, and the holiday season usually means getting together with family and friends. Below we have a list of helpful tips for hosting guests at your apartment near FAMU during the holidays. Whether it is just for the day or an overnight visit, we hope these ideas help you prepare for your guests.


Like many college towns, Tallahassee empties out during school breaks, which may impact your visitor times, but maybe you are staying in town for a job, or you have made Tallahassee your permanent home and plan to host the holidays on your own. If you live in a student apartment with roommates, make sure to discuss the visit ahead of time so that everyone can prepare. Pets should also be considered. Make sure your visitors know about any pets and make other arrangements for your pets during the visit if needed.


As you prepare for visitors, this would be a good time to deep clean your apartment. If you don't have the time to clean yourself, search for a deep cleaning service around your Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University apartment. If your guests plan to stay the night or perhaps a more extended visit, make sure clean sheets and towels are available for them. Clean the living area and common shared spaces, including the kitchen and bathroom. You may want to add seasonal décor, such as a festive doormat, wreath, candles, or new plants. If you are hosting a meal, maybe purchase or make a new cheerful centerpiece. The holiday season is the perfect time to spend more time outdoors here in Tallahassee. If you have a patio or balcony space at your apartment, make sure to clean it before your guests arrive so you can enjoy that space also.


Make sure to stock up on the most used items in your FAMU apartment, such as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. If your guests have a favorite food, drink, or any must-have items, include those items on your shopping list before they arrive. We are sure your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in stocking up on some of their favorites as they travel and spend time at your apartment.


It is always a good idea to plan as much as possible, including meals while you have visitors. If you plan to cook or eat at home, make sure to have everything on hand or ordered ahead of time. Or maybe your guests want to experience Tallahassee through the many great restaurants around the area? Make a list of the most popular restaurants or your favorites for your visitors to choose from and make reservations if needed. Also, make a list of must-see things for out-of-town guests around your apartment. Find out their interests and things they might enjoy as they visit. Check out VisitTallahasse, if you need ideas.

We hope this list of tips will help as you prepare for hosting family and friends during the holidays at your Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University apartment.

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