Where can I go hiking near my FSU apartment?

If you're an active person who is new to the Tallahassee area, you'll be pleased to learn about the fantastic parks and trails that are near Florida State University campus. Thanks to the city's urban forest, which has the highest reported canopy tree coverage in the nation, you won't have to drive far to find yourself on a nature trail through the forest. The extensive forestry offers large parks and trails on the outskirts of town, however there are plenty of good locations for a hike even if you are living within the center of town near FSU. Here are my top three options for hiking near your FSU apartment:

1. San Luis Mission Park

Built on the property of the historic Mission San Luis, this property offers an enjoyable 3.1 mile trail as well as a dog park, lake, and playground. The location of this park just five minutes from FSU campus makes San Luis Mission Park a perfect option for those living in student housing. If you're a history buff, you can also check out the mission, complete with accurate models of the original site built nearly 400 years ago!

2. Lake Ella Park

Lake Ella is a common landmark for people in Tallahassee. What this park lacks in seclusion, it makes up for in amenities. In addition to a paved path around the lake, visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee from Black Dog cafe, snow cones on a hot summer day, or attend regular food truck festivals on the lawn. Though Lake Ella may not offer a traditional hike, it's well worth the visit for those who want to experience a bit of Tallahassee's local community.

3. Tom Brown Park

Tom Brown Park is located in Southeastern Tallahassee, but the 15-minute drive from FSU campus is well worth it. Over 250 acres large, this park is unparalleled in the available trails and activities for visitors. Enjoy a hike around Lake Leon or the Goose Pond, as well as a dog park, baseball fields, disc golf, and a 3.1 mile mountain bike trail. Tallahassee residents searching for outdoor activities will find limitless fun at this large attraction, making it a great option if you're looking to get out of your FSU apartment and explore.

This list only scratches the surface of parks offered to Tallahassee residents. While these are my favorites for residents living close to FSU campus, there are plenty of other parks in the area, including options farther from campus for those willing to make the drive. For more information, you can visit the website for Tallahassee Parks and Recreation and view their map of parks within the city.
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