Can I find a luxury apartment near FAMU?

Are you searching for luxury apartments near FAMU? Due to the continuous support of Tallahassee's education, waves of students have continued to move to the area, creating a higher demand for modern living communities.

Deciding where you want to live in the quaint capital city is an important factor in determining what type of home is offered in that region.  Although much of the student area has a wide range of newer and older FAMU apartments, there are other areas outside of Southwest Tallahassee offer more upscale living arrangements.

While attending the university, it may be more convenient to live as close to campus as possible. When living in this district, however, know that many of the properties in Southwest Tally are catered more to the average student. This means that many units while modern, may be minimal. Resort style amenities can be offered, however, most floor plans include shared living spaces. While this is greatly cost efficient, you may be searching for something catered to a higher end design.

College town is just a few miles from the academic institution and offers an industrial and urban feel within the traditional city. FAMU apartments in College town are built vertically in a more metropolitan style, stacking units on top of shops, boutiques, and bars. Many floor-plans include sleek designs, granite counter tops and metal lined balconies.  

The most known area for luxury is downtown. This is due to having to accommodate to the large professional population in the city. Downtown has recently expanded to include modern hotels, buildings, condos and apartments. What comes with luxury, however, are higher rent prices. Although these units will most likely include plentiful amenities and modern décor, parking may be limited and traffic may be heavier during traffic hour. Fortunately, this area is not too far from campus and city busses often commute to and from campus and downtown.  This particular area is also great for those who are about to graduate, as there are plenty of corporate housing communities in downtown as well as plenty of employment opportunities.

Northwest Tallahassee is a much quieter atmosphere and does not house many students. This area is more known for its friendly family environment. However, there are dozens of upscale units in this area. Lake Talquin is in the center of this district, where many residents take up yoga in the park, jogging, hiking and kayaking.  A few golf courses also surround this area as well as Mclay Gardens and Lake Ella. This part of town is very beneficial for those who enjoy spending much of their time outdoors. 

Surrounding each part of the city is plenty of entertainment. Although there may be more bars and nightlife in the Southwest district, there are several restaurants and shops throughout the city. There may be more upscale units in downtown, but there are modifications and variations of higher end living throughout the Capital town.  Rent prices will also vary, often leaving the most affordable housing in the student area.

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