What is the best way to get along with my FSU roommates?

Getting along with those you share your FSU apartment with can be very tasking day after day. It doesn't always have to be that way though, there are a few simple steps you can follow to greatly improve your roommate dynamic in your FSU apartment. FSU apartments are the perfect place to make new friends, or grow deeper bonds with friends you already have. Don't be discouraged by temporary tension that can be solved with a few key steps!

Numerous people come to FSU starting fresh with no friends, no family, just themselves and all their belongings. If you're one of these people then the best way to get the most out of your FSU apartment is by using roommate matching services that almost ever FSU apartment offers. This way you can pin point your dislikes and your likes, and they'll set you up with a roommate that suits your needs best. Instead of just meeting people and asking them to be your roommate while hoping for the best. You're much more likely to find roommates you genuinely enjoy and want to spend time with through the roommate matching offered by numerous FSU apartments.

If you're searching for an FSU apartment and already have some roommates in mind, it's probably pretty important to you that the friendship doesn't get ruined over tense living conditions. A great way to avoid tension with your roommates is signing an individual lease. With an individual lease you'll be paying for your bedroom (usually a bathroom as well) and your share of the common areas. What this means is should any of your roommates not pay their rent, you won't be impacted in any negative way. This way you don't have to build up tension turning your roommate down for a hand out when they can't pay their rent.

With FSU apartments, no matter what your specific situation may be, it's always important to lay out some ground rules when it comes to your apartment. Don't like smoking? Make sure your roommates know that. Don't want to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes? Make sure your roommates know that cleanliness is a big necessity in your life. Make sure you let your roommates know these rules before any problems have the opportunity to rise. It's of the utmost importance that you aren't afraid to speak your mind about what you want or you'll end up unhappy. But with a few ground rules laid out, it can help save you and your roommates from a lot of grief.

FSU apartments can be a great place for you to flourish and meet new friends. Getting along with your roommates doesn't have to seem like such a daunting task. Just remember to always be upfront, vocal about your needs, and ready to listen to your roommates needs as well. Always keep an open dialogue with each other, and make sure you never shut each other out and you'll have a fruitful living experience together in your FSU apartment.

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