What are the rules for having a grill on my balcony or patio in FAMU apartments?

When moving to FAMU apartments with patios or balconies, you may be thinking about having a barbecue get together at your new place. Nothing beats a gathering of good friends and family with delicious food on the grill. It is important to know, however, that fire code rules and regulations prohibit the use of grills indoors or on covered patios and balconies. Following the regulations will help you have a better apartment living experience and avoid fines, or worse! These restrictions, however, do not have to put a damper on your grilling plans in FAMU apartments. Other options include using the community barbecue grills and picnic tables, heading to one of the gorgeous nearby parks, or using a special electric grill that does not use fire or gas. Keep reading to find out more options for grilling in apartments near FAMU.

If you haven’t already signed a lease in apartments near FAMU, you can always look for apartments with community barbecue grills. These communities have facilities located inside your community that are shared by residents. They often feature a grill and a few picnic tables for you and your guests. This can be a great way to continue your grilling parties without breaking any rules inside your unit. If you plan on using this amenity, make sure you clean everything up after use, especially leftover bits of food, like raw meat, which can be dangerous to leave behind for other residents. When serving paper plates and napkins, make sure the wind is not so strong that it blows trash into the community. Use weighted objects to keep everything secure. It is also courteous to collect all of your trash and dispose of it in the dumpster or valet trash, if available.

Another way to keep up with your grilling inside your home is to purchase an electric grill that does not use fire or gas. This is a good option for residents who have already signed a lease in FAMU apartments without community barbecue grills. With an electric grill, you can continue cooking your food on the patio and enjoying delicious meals without having leave your home. This option complies with the rules and is much safer than using a gas grill on a covered patio or inside the unit. In fact, many residents prefer to seek out smoke free apartments to avoid any residual smells.

When you’re in the mood for a change of environment, FAMU apartments are close to several parks with grilling facilities and covered shelters that can hold a large amount of guests. This is an ideal location for a larger party with children so they have the opportunity to play in the field or enjoy a nearby playground. You may even have the option to fish or canoe nearby. For tips on how to throw a successful outdoor barbecue, The Guardian has a few useful tips for barbecue beginners.

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