How to get a good night sleep at my apartment in Tallahassee?

Apartment living means sharing walls, not only with roommates but with neighbors. Sharing space with others may take some time for adjustment as you find what works best for you and takes consideration from all parties to be successful. Sleep is essential, and sometimes sharing spaces can mean interrupted sleep. We included some ideas to help you get the best night's sleep, whether you are a student or working professional here in Tallahassee.


The first step is communication. Learn your roommates or neighbor's schedule. It is always helpful to find out if they work or go to school during the day or night. It is part of being a good roommate or neighbor to consider each other's time and sleep, which goes both ways. This communication should also include any animals if you live in a pet-friendly apartment. The more you know about your roommates and neighbors, the better it is to work together for compromise and ensure good sleep for all.


Now let's move on to bedrooms in Tallahassee rentals. You may want to think about sleep while setting up your space. If a wall faces the outside where you may experience street noise or traffic, that may not be the best wall to put your bed on. Or maybe you share a wall with a noisy neighbor. You may want to relocate your bed to another wall. Many people prefer white noise while they sleep. Some leave the television on low, or maybe a box fan or humidifier will help drown out any unwelcome noises. Or perhaps a comfortable set of earplugs will help.

Blackout curtains may help to prevent any unwelcome light. A consistent sleep schedule allows your body to adjust and fall to sleep more easily despite any outside sounds. Turn off electronics a few minutes before bed to help your mind unwind. Maybe try meditation or deep breathing exercises. If you don't know where to start with meditation or other relaxation methods, check out this list of 20 Best Meditation Apps of 2021 for apps that can guide you through the process. Add a lavender candle or essential oil diffuser to your room. A warm bath or shower before bed may help you relax and prepare for restful sleep.


Even if you live in a quiet apartment, you still may experience sleep disruptions based on sharing walls or spaces with others, whether you live in a 1-bedroom Tallahassee apartment or share with roommates. If all the above tips haven't worked you may want to contact the leasing office if you have real concerns about a noisy neighbor.

Sleep is so important, and sometimes it is hard to get a good night's sleep despite all our best efforts, but we hope this list of ideas will help. While sharing spaces with others, there are many things to try that are simple and not costly while living in your apartment in Tallahassee to ensure a good night's sleep.

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