How can I be more involved in my community near my Tallahassee apartment?

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Always find ways to get out and be productive.

As all Floridians know, Tallahassee is our capital. Although it might not be the annex of Florida that cities like Orlando or Tampa have become, Tallahassee is a vital piece of our government. Through studying at Florida State University and obtaining a nearby apartment, community engagement might have already crossed your mind. There are plenty of ways (some not so obvious) to get involved in your Tallahassee community and make a difference before your time at FSU comes to an end.


While "being involved" includes more than just volunteering, it is still a vital aspect that you might be looking for when getting out of the house. For example, for FSU specifically, the College of Medicine offers many options for reaching out and volunteering. While this is a seemingly random suggestion, helping different centers and organizations will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. There is also a Volunteer Center in Leon County that anyone can get involved with. This will give you ample opportunities to make an impact. If you prefer employment, however, the Tucker Civic Center of Tallahassee has some employment opportunities. As do the shops in the Governor's Square Mall.


Although giving back is essential in making an impact, what about an impact in your own life? When finding an apartment, it can be beneficial to use different search options to make sure your apartment has the amenities that will fulfill your needs. You can find an apartment near the Tucker Civic Center, or Cascades Park, for example. If your environment is important to you, you can also find green housing near FSU. These are apartments that are making more eco-friendly efforts than others.

Getting Out

When getting out of the house and interacting with others, the Downtown Market is also a great place to start. You can talk to people in your community, enjoy a nice day outdoors (and attend events) and purchase fresh foods to make cooking even better, especially if your apartment has a kitchen. You can also use Tallahassee's public transport to attend different city events. There are also plenty of dog parks to bring your furry friend to. As I already mentioned, Tallahassee also has different shopping options. While it might seem like doing things for yourself would not be considered "being involved in your community" it is certainly a good start, as well as a gateway to social opportunities.

While it is important that you thoroughly enjoy your apartment near FSU, it is vital that you find excuses to get outdoors. It is easy to get cooped up in your personal space, which is why you must put in that extra (extroverted) effort. For many students, the environment and community are important to their sense of being. This is why volunteering and environmentally conscious apartments might be of interest to you or someone you know.

You might also want to take action and become involved with the governmental process. You'll never be closer in Florida than Tallahassee! Once you begin getting out and involving yourself, you can only grow your community engagement from there. Good luck!

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