What are some fun and cheap things to do near my FAMU apartment?

Bored? Broke? We can totally dig it. Being a college student at Florida A&M means you study hard, play hard, work hard, but sadly don't have a lot of spare change for fun. Whether you've got family coming into town, you're looking for fresh air & exercise, or just a fun date night, we've got you covered with this handy list of cool, affordable activities near your FAMU apartment.


Go On Walkabout

Enjoy Tallahassee's verdant natural Florida landscapes and get some exercise and fresh air. If you've got out-of-town visitors, a tremendous way to entertain them outdoors affordably is a scavenger hunt! TripAdvisor recommends Let's Roam Tallahassee, an app-based experiential game that leads your group on an adventure through the city, solving puzzles and exploring hidden history. It's a fab way to connect with friends and family, snap some Gram-worthy pics, and have a one-of-a-kind good time. Another fun must-see in Tally close to your FAMU apartment is the gorgeous 24-acre Cascades Park. Pack a picnic charcuterie and some cold beverages and enjoy this lovely local gem that's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The park features walking trails, beautiful fountains, an amphitheater, and plenty of lush green grass where you can spread a blanket and bask in the sunshine. You may even want to walk around Bragg Stadium and get your steps in.



As home to world-renowned universities, Tallahassee of course has plenty of culture. Check out the Railroad Square Arts District, located near Midtown and super close to your FAMU apartment. Admire the local and national artists exhibiting at the 621 Gallery, browse handmade gifts and jewelry at the Bee's Knees, or take in some art-house cinema at Cap City Video Lounge. The Tallahassee Museum, close to the heart of Downtown Tally, is a stunning history and nature gallery with a breathtaking cypress swamp, a working 1880's pioneer farmstead,  and Market Day – one of Florida's largest arts & craft shows, where you can browse paintings, ceramics, furniture, stained glass, and much more.


You Can Have it Ale

Florida microbreweries are regularly recognized internationally for the quality and inventiveness of their tasty creations. As long as nobody is driving, take your crew on a surprisingly affordable tour of Tally's finest brew haus. Start off at Ology Brewing Co in Midtown and sample the Green Energy Hazy India Pale Ale, Indigo Sky Imperial Berliner with elderberry and raspberry, or the 11 O'Clock Biscuits, a pastry-inspired sour with hints of chocolate and marshmallow. Next up is Proof Brewery, conveniently close to Cascades Park. Proof offers Drip Drop & Drafts on Sunday afternoons - an outdoor Pilates class in their beer garden which includes one of their delicious craft beers. Then slide into Deep Brewing Company in Northeast Tally and savor brews like Electro Magnetic Bitter or Shallow End Florida Lager. Their ice-cold brews pair perfectly with fare from the Slide Hustle Kitchen, like Tally's best Cuban Sandwich, the Beer Braised Onion Burger, or the Falafel Slider.

Old Florida

Tallahassee is one of the oldest cities in Florida as well as the state capital and boasts some stunning historical architecture and undisturbed natural beauty. The Goodwood Museum and Gardens on Miccosukee Road is a former plantation that was transformed into a verdant old Florida landscape of flowers and greenery and offers valuable historical reenactments and nature education. Mission San Luis de Apalachee on Tennessee Street was founded in 1656 by Spanish Franciscan monks – one of the oldest European colonial settlements in the US. The Mission's Exhibit Gallery features art and artifacts from the 17th century and the original inhabitants of North Florida, the Apalachee.


Hey, we know times are kind of hard right now – that's why it's especially important to spend time with friends and family without spending a fortune. Luckily, Tallahassee has tons of fun and inexpensive activities suitable for everyone. Keep checking RentTally for more ideas on cool things to do near your FAMU apartment!

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