How is the traffic near FSU?

Nearly 41,000 students who attend the local state university occupy FSU apartments.  Many of these enrollees generally occupy the Southwest district of Tallahassee. Many are surprised to find, however, the city of Tallahassee generally lacks supreme congestion throughout the area, alleviating much relief of troublesome traffic. However, there are some exceptions to the everyday norm.

Many FSU apartments near the academic institution are within walking distance to campus. This is a major factor helping to reduce the amount of traffic traveling throughout the student district of the city. Even more so, many student favored bars, restaurants and shops are also within walking distance or a very short drive from your home. The town of tally is very small in geographical terms, so you can definitely expect taking no more than a 15 minute commute to nearly any destination throughout the town. Although many students do tend to own their own vehicles, many find they are rarely used.

In general, throughout many days of the week, you will rarely encounter heavy traffic on the main roads surrounding FSU apartments. These include the major roadways of Tennessee St, Pensacola and College Avenue. However, there are times where traffic seems inescapable. These days, fortunately, are limited to when the Florida State football teams plays at home. From the day prior to the game and the next few days thereafter, be prepared to experience a heavy amount of traffic. If you plan on traveling throughout downtown or on Tennessee or Monroe Streets, plan accordingly. Tallahassee’s smaller and beaten brick lined streets are no matches for the amount of fans that drive in to town to see their Seminole's play.

While living in an FSU apartment, there is a chance that you will experience some amount of traffic throughout your stay. However, like most cities, there are ways to keep your traffic experiences to a minimum. Living near I-10 can help residents avoid the congestions of tailgate parties by not having to travel through the campus main roads. Taking back roads through Thomasville or the more residential neighborhoods may also help you find your way through town more easily and quickly. However, these older neighborhoods may experience some backup due to their smaller roads.

Overall, traffic near FSU is generally quiet. Aside from game day traffic, commuting throughout town is not much of a problem for those living in the Capital city. Although traffic will nearly double and triple during larger town events such as home games, visitors and students raveling to and from school should experience a rather easy drive. 

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