What’s the best way to maintain a healthy relationship with my FSU roommates?

FSU apartments can be a great place to foster deep bonds of friendship with your roommates. Whether you're strangers, acquaintances, or already good friends I can promise that keeping your roommate situation happy and healthy can be the key to your happiness in your FSU apartment. Living with roommates you dislike or are always arguing with can put a big strain on your day to day to happiness. Having to live alongside someone you can't get along with can actually seem tortuous and can make you consider doing things like breaking your lease which can result in some unwanted penalty fees, and no one likes those. By following a few simple steps you and your roommates can enjoy your FSU living experience to the fullest.

One of the first steps in heading towards a good, solid relationship with your roommates is creating some ground rules. Each roommate in the house should come up with a list of rules they wish to be upheld in the apartment. Once everyone is done, share your rules with each other and engage in an open discussion about them. Keep a calm, cool head and speak your thoughts honestly without being vulgar in any way. Some of these rules will be thrown out and some you'll all agree on. Some of these rules might include things such as quiet hours, smoking policies, and divvying up the chores. If you've got a list of rules down, you're on your way to a happy and healthy relationship with your roommates!

Keeping an open discussion with your FSU apartment roommates is of the utmost importance. Always encourage them to come to you if your behavior is not to their liking and don't be afraid to do the same. Biting your tongue and avoiding conversation can lead to some heated blow outs in the future. These blowouts can easily be avoided by being calm and honest when any issue first arrives. If you manage to do this you can avoid quite a few arguments in your FSU apartment before they even start.

Unless you're an introverted person who is very aware that they need periods of time alone to function happily it can be easy to forget that some alone time can do wonders for your psyche. Don't spend all your time in your FSU apartment with your roommates. Even if you're the best of friends you'll end up driving each other crazy at some point if you're constantly together. Consider taking a break every once in a while. Either go out with friends outside of your apartment, or spend some quiet time alone in your room every now and then. You'll find that time away from your roommates can be very refreshing and in the long run it will keep your relationship with each other much more healthy.

FSU apartments can be a great place for roommate living. If you follow these few simple steps and always remember to treat your roommates how you would like to be treated you should be getting along in no time!

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