How can I ready my FSU apartment for the Atlantic Hurricane Season?

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1st and runs until November 1st. Florida typically sees a peak in tropical activity in August and September, so while it might seem like you have plenty of time to prepare, it is always better to be safe than sorry! Here are some tips and tricks for you and your Florida State University apartment ready for a potentially messy storm season.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Your apartment's windows are a fantastic amenity to have when it's sunny outside; when hurricanes come, though, they can pose a tremendous risk to you and your roommates. Some apartments near FSU with patios or balconies have sliding glass doors that come equipped with "impact glass," which won't shatter if hit with debris. Some complexes may even install hurricane shutters. Whatever the case, it is imperative to keep up to date with announcements posted on your complex's website or in their clubhouse regarding hurricane season procedures.

Whether a hurricane is imminent or not, it's always best to stock up your FSU apartment with supplies before the grocery store shelves are empty. In June, I personally like to buy a decent amount of food that will be good for awhile in case disaster strikes; canned foods like soups, beans, pastas, and tuna are never a bad idea to keep in the pantry. If a hurricane or tropical storm has formed and Tallahassee is anywhere near the cone of uncertainty, you might want to grab a case of bottled water, batteries, and maybe a book or two in case the power goes out!

Power Outage

Speaking of which, more often than not, electrical power is lost when a hurricane strikes. While Tallahassee Utilities works steadily to bring power back to the city, you can never know for sure how long you will have to go without electricity. A tried-and-true way to keep electrical power without the help of the city is to invest in a generator. Generators vary in size and power, but even a small generator stored in a closet can end up being a life and money saver during an extended power outage. The loss of amenities like air conditioning, lighting, and refrigerators can easily be fixed by plugging in a generator; plug in your fridge, your fans, and your lamps to make your hurricane aftermath experience more pleasurable.

Generators can be very pricey, and may even run out of stock before the storm hits. If this is the case, and you fear your FSU apartment will lose power, battery-operated items are always a good back-up. You can find battery-operated or wind-up radios, which can be imperative in staying up-to-date with important information, in almost any thrift or home improvement store. Battery-operated lanterns and fans are quite common in outdoor/camping shops as well.

While we always hope Florida State University is never struck by a hurricane, Florida is a common target for disastrous tropical storms. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and following the above tips can keep you and your roommates safe in a potentially dangerous situation.

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