I’m moving to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University and I don’t want to live alone. What do I need to know about living with roommates?

Moving away from home for college is a unique experience for everyone. However, your move to Florida State University could be a little easier if you have someone to experience it with. At FSU you have a few options for finding and living with a roommate.

Roommate Matching

It's not unlikely for students to go to college with at least one person they already know. However, many students move to a totally different city where they don't know anyone. If you're in the latter category, finding a roommate might seem like a more difficult task. Thankfully, some FSU apartments offer roommate matching services. The way this works is actually pretty simple; in addition to applying for an apartment, the community will have applicants fill out further information about their personalities and lifestyles. Then, based on similarities, they will match you with one or more roommates. While roommates paired together may start as strangers, the goal of roommate matching is to match individuals that are compatible based on interests, habits and lifestyle. Because of this, many roommates become fast, long-term friends!

Lease Types

Something to consider when taking on a roommate is how the two (or more) of you will handle the lease. FSU apartments offer two different leasing options, joint leases or individual leases. Having a joint lease has its pros and cons. One benefit is that everyone splits the entire cost of the apartment, automatically making things more affordable for all parties. Another plus is that it allows for a little more control over who will be living in the apartment. With a joint lease, the apartment community itself does not decide who the roommates will be. The biggest disadvantage of a joint lease is that it holds all parties equally responsible for paying the rent. This means that if one roommate does not pay their portion of the rent, every resident is in danger of facing the consequences. This is where individual leases begin to look a little more attractive. An individual lease basically means that each roommate is renting their own room. Therefore, if one roommate decides not to pay their rent, only that roommate will be penalized. A disadvantage of this type of lease is that the apartment is usually at liberty to choose the roommates.

Student Apartments

No matter your preferred living situation, student apartments would probably be the best option for individuals attending school. Even if you decide to live in an apartment on your own, you will still have several opportunities to connect with your neighbors. You can even look for apartments near your specific college - whether you attend FSU's College of Law, Med or Communications - to meet other students with similar interests. Student apartments often offer activities and amenities geared to meet the needs of the busy student lifestyle.

Overall, a roommate is a great option for you if you're a little nervous about living alone in a new place. Check out this article by Teen Vogue on how to live with a roommate in college for more insight on how to make the transition. If all goes well, you'll have someone to help you through the process and maybe even a brand new best friend.


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