I'm going to school in Tally, and I was wondering: how do I find apartments near FSU that have shorter leases?

College students have more than enough to fret over without adding taking care of an apartment all year (especially when you only need it for nine months) - as a fellow student, I feel your pain. Fortunately, there are many FSU apartments that offer various lease options. You can keep your focus on taking care of school and graduation; at RentTally.com, we'll take care of the apartment stuff for you. You can rest assured that you'll find a place - and a lease - that you'll give an A+!

Consider this a little homework assignment; don't worry, it's the easiest and quickest "homework" you'll get all throughout college. Make your way to the RentTally.com homepage and click the big, red button that says "Find Your Apartment." It will take you to our apartment guide. Here, you'll see dozens of FSU apartments and hundreds (300, to be exact) options to choose from as you narrow down your potential places to live. The feature you'll want to find right now is the "Lease Length by Month" tab. Click the blue, plus sign text to it, and you'll have the chance to adjust the length of lease you're looking for in your FSU apartments. The range is set from 1 to 12 months, but you can move both ends to find numbers that work for you. Once you're set, the search will then only include apartments near FSU that offer leases within that range.

While shorter leases are definitely convenient, there are things you need to know when you're signing for one. It is very likely that you will pay a higher premium at any of the FSU apartments than you would with a typical lease. Before you gripe - I know - it's because the complexes will have a tough time finding someone to fill your spot for the few months that you aren't occupying it. However, even with this higher premium, you'll probably save more money than if you just paid your rent for the time you aren't living there. Also know that the apartments near FSU will all offer different prices on their premiums, so be sure to ask about them before you sign.

Many apartments near FSU will also offer you the chance to sublease your space, since they're used to having students live there. You'll find that many people will be looking for a place to live in Tallahassee in between semesters, and your apartment could be just the one for them. However, you may end up paying extra fees to sign over the lease to another person, or offering someone a discounted rate on your rent so that they're enticed to choose yours over the many FSU apartments. Even with the additional outlay of money, you'll end up saving on the rent you would've paid.

Hopefully that helps! If you have any other questions, you can always come back to RentTally.com!

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