What are some tips for keeping my dog happy in my FSU apartment?

Living with a dog in an FSU apartment might seem like a bit of a challenge. It doesn't have to be too challenging, though taking care of any pet is never completely challenge free. By following a few simple steps and taking a few extra measures of preparation for your dog, the two of you can enjoy a long and happy tenancy in your FSU apartment.

Dogs often take time adjusting to apartments, especially if they are used to a bigger living area such as a house with a front and back yard. Getting your dog comfortable with your FSU apartment does not have to be a major struggle though. One of the most important steps in keeping your dog happy in your FSU apartment is keeping them active. Active dogs have less downtime to sit around and be bored and generally unhappy. Make sure you take your dog on plenty of walks, hikes, and runs. The more active your dog is the happier they'll be. You might also consider taking them to a dog park nearby your FSU apartment. Dog parks are a perfect place for dogs to go and get rid of some of their energy. Dog parks without leashes are usually the best option for your pooch but really any sort of exercise can keep them happy.

Exercising your dog on a daily routine can greatly benefit them as well. Dogs enjoy the familiarity of routines quite a bit. Consider taking your dog out on a regular schedule unless they let you know they need to go out otherwise. Walks in the morning, mid-afternoon, and at evening can keep your dog happy for quite a long time in your FSU apartment.

FSU apartments can be a perfect place for your dog to roam during the day with a few modifications. If you're going to be away for the day at school, work, or just out with some friends then consider leaving a bin of toys out for your dog to play with. Dogs get lonely when you're not around, but keeping them occupied with toys they love while you're gone can keep some of the separation anxiety they experience at bay. Consider filling up the bin with bones, chew toys, ropes, and whatever other toys your dog may enjoy.

FSU apartments tend to have less space than many houses. So while you're gone during the day try and leave as many doors in your FSU apartment open as possible. The more space your dog has to wander, the less bored they will be, and then in turn the less trouble they'll get into.

FSU apartment living can be the perfect place for you and your dog to enjoy your lives together. Make sure to always give them plenty of love and attention. Love and attention combined with a few other steps create the perfect recipe for keeping your dog happy in your FSU apartment.

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