How do I stay fit near my FSU apartment?

After the lockdown, all those online classes, and the great bread-baking craze of 2020, you might be looking more like a seven-course meal than a snacc. No judgment here! New year, new you and all that – and we're here to help with some tips on how to get fit near your FSU apartment without spending a fortune!


Literally Steps from Your Couch

Many apartment communities near FSU feature dope fitness centers as part of their included amenities. Even the most basic ones will have free weights, a treadmill, and exercise bikes. If you're not sure how to get the best workout with your fitness center set up, here are some really handy pointers. It's crucial to start by stretching and then a bit of cardio to warm up. Don't be afraid to pump some iron – studies show weight training burns more calories than cardio. Trainers also recommend "supersets" as a way to maximize your burn in a smaller gym – supersets combine two sets of exercises that target two complimentary muscle groups, done full out with no break. After several rounds of supersets, don't forget that core work! The most effective abdominal exercises are done on the floor, so grab your mat and get ready for sit-ups, leg lifts, and planks!


Speaking of Steps

Maybe becoming a gym rat doesn't really appeal and you're searching for something more holistic. There really is no better overall exercise than simply walking. It's great for your heart, low impact on your joints, it's fun, and best of all, it's free! There are a plethora of excellent parks with gorgeous walking trails near Florida State. San Luis Mission Park in Northwest Tallahassee has a happening dog park and a scenic lakeside hiking path. Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park, Lake Overstreet, and the Maclay Gardens State Park are all beautiful, wooded natural areas with miles of delightful trails and lush North Florida landscape. Capital Cascades Trail Park is only a couple of blocks from campus and has a splash zone if you'd like to cool off after your walk. Don't forget to wear your FitBit or take your phone – making a step goal and then crushing it is a great way to shed those pounds.


Stay Classic

Some people just can't exercise without someone telling them what to do. If you fall into that category, don't despair, there are tons of fitness class options near your FSU apartment complex. Did you know that fitness classes at the Leach Student Rec Center near the Stadium are absolutely free for current students? They offer a wide variety, from beginner's yoga to spin class to water aerobics. There are always hot new trends in group fitness classes, and one of the hottest is, of course, pole dancing. If you're feeling it, check out Queen of Hearts Fitness in Midtown and experience a fun and challenging pole workout. Another on-trend option is a barre class – a combination of stretching, cardio, and Pilates that's inspired by the grueling training regimen of ballet dancers. Get ready to feel that one in your legs tomorrow!


Run For It

If you're into just going for an old-fashioned jog to get the blood pumping and the weight dropping, that's cool too! Running is a great way to get exercise, fresh air, and meet other runners. There are at least two running clubs on campus and several others in town. Some clubs start or finish their run at a local bar – and what's better than an ice-cold beer after a 5K? If you are single and ready to mingle, joining a fitness-oriented club is a fabulous way to meet new people who are interested in the healthy lifestyle. Cascade Park is the perfect place to go for a run with your new friends, then cool off at Imagination Fountain, and maybe catch some live music at the Capital City Amphitheater.


You Can Do It!

Losing weight and getting fit isn't easy, but the effort is definitely worth it when you look and feel amazing. Prolong your life, make new friends, and look hot in those new skinny jeans with these tips on getting a great workout near your student apartment. Keep checking RentTally for more ways to live your best student life!

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