Can I live at FSU apartments even if I’m not a student?

Apartments near Florida State University aren't necessarily just for students.  While the majority of these student-centric apartments do have amenities and features with the college student in mind, they would never turn any potential renter away if they so chose to live there.  There are many non-student apartments in Tallahassee as well, but be aware that if a community is touted as a college apartment complex, then it will most likely cater to students.  Whether it be because the individual has a job on campus or just wants to be near that particular area of town, FSU apartments can be a good choice for just about anyone from any walk of life.

Apartments near FSU can definitely be student-centric.  However, you don't necessarily have to be a student in order to sign a lease.  You will want to keep in mind that there are certain aspects to these typically college student inhabited dwellings that may differ from more traditional apartment communities.  One aspect is that each room may rent by the bed.  In typical student-centric communities, each resident will sign an individual lease.  This means you will be responsible for your portion of the rent and utilities only.  While this seems like it is a dream come true, you must realize that you will more than likely be sharing your apartment with a roommate.  While many communities offer roommate-matching services, you can also sign a lease with a pre-determined roommate of your choosing.

FSU apartments may be different than more traditional style communities in that the majority of its residents are indeed, students.  Your roommates and neighbors may have non-traditional hours.  That means, if you have a typical 9-5 schedule, your roommates or neighbors may have the exact opposite. Your sleeping schedules may not always sync up.  Your neighbors may decide it's time to throw a big party on a random Tuesday night, or your roommate may stay up playing PlayStation until 3 AM.  You may need to decide if this is a livable situation with your sleep schedule before deciding to sign a lease.

Apartments near FSU can facilitate families, however you may need to keep the college atmosphere in mind before moving your 2 year old in next to a unit full of 18 year old students who just moved out of their parents' house.  With this in mind, a student-centric apartment community may not offer the types of amenities a family needs.  These include private garages, extra storage space, playgrounds, pet friendly units and more.  Just be sure to do your homework before putting pen to paper. 

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