How can I stay a social butterfly in my new FSU apartment while being a good neighbor?

It's a tale as old as time; you want to host a get-together in your new college apartment near FSU, but you have to keep good relations with your neighbors! This is one of the more common minor problems first-time apartment renters run into, and one I initially struggled with as well. Over time, however, I learned how to keep the noise down while celebrating life in my new apartment.

Get The Led Out!

The first apartment I moved into in Tallahassee was right around the corner from the roar of Doak Campbell Stadium, but while I didn't mind a noisy atmosphere, I worried my neighbors were looking for a more quiet experience. When I first moved into my ground floor apartment, one of the first things I noticed was the challenge of having a booming speaker system and neighbors in close proximity. Throwing a social gathering in this setting, whether it's a good old-fashioned party or the premiere of a new Game of Thrones episode, can be challenging to say the least. I learned that controlling the volume of the subwoofers is the most important thing to do; the treble volume can only be so loud for guests to keep up their conversation, but everybody wants to hear that bass. Keeping the bass low will keep the walls from shaking and, more importantly, keep the neighbors happy.

Take It Outside!

If the party you're throwing gets a little too overcrowded or loud inside, an easy escape plan is to open up the back porch or balcony. Doing so allows sound from inside the apartment to travel outside as opposed to building up inside. This way, guests are able to hear each other better and more room is opened up for activities.

The second Saturday of living in my first college apartment, my roommate wanted all of our friends from the prior year to come over and celebrate. We hosted a bit of a shindig inside our apartment, but soon realized the noise and amount of people was going to be a problem. So what did we do? We took the party to our complex's pool! Not only did we avoid a potentially awkward situation, but we ended up meeting our neighbors for the first time at the pool and gave them our phone number to call if we ever get too rowdy; they said next time they'd hop in on the fun! Turning to outside resources is always a great solution to potentially challenging problems. 

Go Out!

Tallahassee is known for its exciting social atmosphere; if New York is the city that never sleeps, then Tallahassee is the city that never gets a hangover. Whether your apartment is close to campus, close to downtown, or in a quieter part of town, you can find plenty of fun social spots within walking distance. If your apartment is close to campus, you might find solace in the bars and clubs surrounding it, like the Tally Strip or Potbelly's, or if you're located further downtown, you'll have no problem making your way to Clyde's and Costello's.

The college experience is an exciting and loud one, but wherever your exciting new FSU apartment is, odds are you will have to keep the noise down. Controlling the volume of the music or taking the party elsewhere will keep a healthy, happy relationship with the neighbors while also making unforgettable memories with friends.

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