Any tips for living with a sibling or friend in FAMU apartments?

Living in the bustling heart of Tallahassee near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University increases your chances of running into a lot of people you already know. It almost feels as if everyone knows everyone around town. This phenomenon often leads to many possible roommate choices when looking for someone to live with.

If you decide to live with a friend or sibling in an apartment near FAMU, this experience might come with future challenges or benefits depending on your existing relationship with this person. Sometimes renting an apartment with someone you already know can be challenging because living with someone is a more immersive experience and the person's tendencies and habits can affect you in ways you never thought they could.

Regardless, living with someone you already know doesn't have to be complicated, and if you take the right steps to create space for everyone involved, there's no way it won't be a great experience for the both of you.

Establish Separate Spaces in Apartments Near FAMU

Creating separate personal sanctuaries is one of the most underrated ways to live with others in a shared space. Most of the time, this is a built-in aspect of living in a FAMU apartment because normally you can't rent out a one-bedroom apartment for two people. This means that your bedroom can be that personal sanctuary for you.

In terms of the common areas, there are other ways to create privacy, so your sibling's or friend's tendencies and activities don't interfere with the things you are doing in that same space. A common way to create physical barriers is to invest in curtains, room dividers, and other furniture that can give you the personal space you desire.

Have a Set Routine in FAMU Apartments

Another effective way to give your roommate some space is to stick to a routine that won't interfere with theirs and vice versa. If you know their routine, you can work around it to make sure that the things you do won't upset them or distract them from what they need to do.

Some student apartments are small, and this can increase crowding and make it seem like you both are constantly living on top of each other, which can be a very stressful thing. Maybe something as simple as going to a fitness center while your roommate is doing their weekly homework in the common area of your FAMU apartment can allow them to concentrate and not get frustrated with the noise you might create. Keep in mind that it's only fair if they return the same courtesies.

Regroup and Check In With Your Roommate in Apartments Near FAMU

At the end of the day, whether it's a sibling or a close friend, you guys have a prior relationship that might change when sharing the same FAMU apartment. To make it work, you have to be aware of your tendencies and make sure that they aren't offensive or interfere with your roommate's quality of life. If they do the same, you will both have the ability to grow.

Communication is going to be one of the best tools for figuring out how to live with someone you think you already know. Over time people close to you change and the most effective way to deal with that change is to check in with them and make sure you are always on the same page, so living together doesn't become an issue.


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