Im not sure whether I will be accepted into FSU or not, but I want to move to the FSU area just in case. How can I find a flexible apartment?

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Torchlight is great choice because it close to both TCC and FSU.

Florida State University is one of the state's most competitive and prominent colleges. Being close in proximity to two other major schools in the city, makes the Tallahassee community a very attractive place for student's seeking to experience a collegiate lifestyle throughout their college careers.

The Capitol City is crowded with nearly 65,000 students. With over 300 programs of study and 15 separate colleges, its no wonder that nearly 65% of the town's student population is enrolled at FSU. If you are looking to rent FSU apartments, you have come to the perfect place to enjoy student-centered flexibility.

The FSU area is a dense community of TCC and Florida State students alike. As a result of the schools being so close to one another, it has become difficult to differentiate the living boundaries of the two sister schools. With that being said, you can definitely expect these living communities to be specifically catered to their student residents.

If you are uncertain as to whether you will be attending FSU in the coming semester, apartments near FSU offer a variety of leases. Some leases are yearly, others can be leased by semester or even month to month. Depending on what your needs require, there is surely a perfect place for you.

Most communities offer traditional yearly leases to their average residents. However, in some instances, you may have the option to build a flexible plan in order to fit your needs. When searching for a short lease apartment, be honest and open with your fears. If you are uncertain as to whether you will be attending the state University, let your leasing agent know as soon as possible. Some areas are secluded to just FSU enrollees. However, many areas are open to all students in the area. It may be easiest to start your search by just looking at which properties offer flexible lease plans.

To do this, all you need to do is use our custom search tools. These built-in-search guides are really helpful when it comes to comparing communities and narrowing down your search to see which properties are in line with what you need. To get started, all you need to go is click on the "search now" button. This will bring you to our search page. Slightly scroll down and you will see tab options on the left hand side of the page. Click on "Lease Length." A list of lease length options will appear under the tab. You can click on each one to see which apartment properties offer this option. From there, you can click on each property icon to review the details and determine whether this will be a fit.

Your next question may be whether or not you can live in student housing if you do not get into FSU. As we have mentioned earlier, some FSU apartments require you to attend Florida State University in order to live on campus. These areas are normally in or near Greek Village. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of student housing areas that are more lenient on this requirement. When searching for an area that may allow you to not attend FSU in the event that you do not get accepted, always check with the property management staff to disclose your specific circumstance. Many communities are there to help their students find a perfect home and will be more than willing to lend a hand.

Another viable option for you to consider is living in a student housing community off of campus. Because these properties are flooded with students, having a flexible lease preference is not out of the ordinary. Keep in mind that many of these communities will provide you with a roommate. Each housing area will often have a different process for how they implement their roommate selection process, so if you fear living with a stranger, do not be afraid to speak up! Just like our lease option tool, you can also use out custom search guides to help you distinguish whether a specific community offers roommate matching, off campus student housing, or leases by bedroom.

Overall, if you are stuck in deciding whether or not you should search for a new place in the FSU community, do not fear! With the amount of students in the area, it has become a commonality to cater to all of Tallahassee's students. In the event that you are still hesitant in your move, try moving to an area with a flexible lease. That way, you will always have the option to move elsewhere.

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