How can I get more familiar with the FSU campus during my first semester in an FSU apartment?

One of the best experiences you'll ever have is going to college for the first time. The people are new, the area is new, and you have a newfound freedom as an adult. Getting to know your way around and spending time on the beautiful Florida State University campus as a first-year student would make anyone want to go. If you don't go outside and spend time on the FSU campus, you might be missing the true college experience.

There are plenty of cool ways to get more accustomed to the campus in your apartment near FSU. Walk past the beautiful brick buildings and greenery, enjoy the campus's rich history, get immersed in the beautiful weather, and witness some of the activities that happen around campus to truly feel what university living is all about.

Getting a student apartment near the main FSU campus is a great place to start!

Start Exploring on Foot in Apartments Near FSU

The process of getting more aware of your surroundings is initiated best on foot and not in a car. Most places don't have roads going through them, meaning not every place is solely accessible by car. Instead, taking an electric bike or scooter might help in getting you where you want to go quicker than on foot. Renting a scooter or bike near FSU apartments is student-friendly, and affordable, and you can ride around with other people you meet on campus.

The most convenient aspect of the FSU campus is that it is easily walkable. Whether you are attending a biology lecture in the King Life Sciences Building near the FSU College of Medicine or have a literature class in Diffenbaugh near the iconic Wescott Fountain, the walk is a maximum 25-minute voyage. It's unlikely you'll have classes on opposite sides of campus, but it happens quite often when students don't pick their classes correctly. Avoiding this hassle is as simple as picking classes closer together so the trip to class is shorter.

Get Involved in Campus Activities Near FSU Apartments

FSU students love to get involved on campus. There are 700+ registered student clubs and organizations that you can join every semester near your apartment near FSU. On the main FSU website, there is a student organization list compiling all the different clubs that are available for FSU students to join. All you need to do is show up to the student involvement fair and research the clubs they have listed online to know what your interests are.

Common organizations like SGA, Greek life, and the FSU Pride Student Union are widely recognized organizations where you can meet others who share your interests and values. Most of the events hosted by these organizations are close to campus, meaning if you get an apartment within walking distance to FSU, you'll find attending these events frequently and on time a whole lot easier.

By walking to student events, meeting other people, and attending classes, you'll be able to get more exposure to the campus without feeling overwhelmed and unconnected to the place you call your new home for the next 4 years. 
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