What are some basic first-aid essentials to keep in TCC apartments in case of emergencies?

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Tally Square offers its residents useful and ample storage space to store any first aid essentials for living in TCC apartments.

Emergencies are normally unexpected accidents that you don't think to plan for. When you find yourself in a difficult medical emergency, it's best to play it safe and take yourself to the hospital. If you get a minor injury, however, there are things you can have ready at your apartment near TCC that can serve as adequate treatment or enough of a temporary remedy to get you an appointment with a doctor in a few days.

If you are attending Tallahassee Community College and live in a TCC apartment, having a first aid kit packed with all the essentials for minor injuries can make getting through school less stressful.

Stock up on Bandages in Your Apartments near TCC

As a student, you are doing so much at once, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself on top of everything else you have to do. If you cook a lot, you might find it easy to cut yourself or injure yourself with other kitchen utensils. Band-Aids are helpful in many contexts. They can wrap up ripped skin, a fresh cut, a blister, and other blemishes that need moisture and plenty of time to heal.

Keep Blankets and Towels Close By

Towels and blankets aren't just great for practical use but they can also provide use in emergencies where someone is bleeding significantly or needs to stay warm or cold for an extended period. The great thing too about towels and blankets is that they can be washed in your apartment with a washer and dryer. They are cost-effective, easy to use, and can make the difference between someone losing too much blood or staying alert and conscious if using them as a body temperature stabilizer.

Get Good Use Out of Medical Machines

Many student apartment buildings nowadays are expected to have a working Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) on the property in case of cardiac emergencies. What this device does is allows someone with very little experience to resuscitate someone unconscious and not breathing on their own due to a serious cardiac episode.

You don't need prior medical knowledge to use this machine because there are audible prompts and cues from the machine that tells you how to use it and when.

Have a Fully Stocked Medicine Cabinet in Your TCC Apartment

All the basic like cold and flu meds, aspirin, anti-itch ointments, cough syrup, antihistamines for allergies, and pain meds like ibuprofen and acetaminophen are always great to have for internal injuries like headaches and to assist the healing process of external injuries like sprains and broken bones. Having plenty of storage space in TCC apartments is a must to store all these essential medications and topical treatments.

Get a Cold and Hot Compress 

A cold compress is something as simple as an ice pack, a pack of frozen vegetables that you keep in the back of your freezer, or a bag of ice from the ice machine. All of these qualify as cold compresses.

 A hot compress is used to increase blood flow to the injured part of your body. This type of compress is used best when alternating with a cold one. Something like a warm towel or a towel soaked in hot water will suffice.

Both help reduce inflammation and make your muscles and joints less sore after an injury occurs.

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