Are there any local film venues or opportunities to get involved with film projects near FSU apartments?

Tallahassee is full of culture and home to many cinematic venues, designed and perfect for film buffs of all kinds. Apartments near Florida State University are right in the middle of the lights, camera, and action with opportunities to get involved with the local film scene surrounding The College of Motion Picture Arts.

Cap City Video Lounge

This hidden Tallahassee gem is more than just a mini theater; it's also the last video rental store in Tallahassee. Nestled in the Railroad Square Art Park area of town, Cap City offers a cozy environment that will make guests feel right at home with sofas to relax on and the warm hospitality from owners Kevin and Qas. This mini theater and video rental store has just about everything, from foreign, obscure dramas to famous blockbuster hits. The small business is also a venue for guests to host parties, movie nights, and more!

Cap City has a little something for everyone, especially aspiring filmmakers. Even though Tallahassee appears to be a small city, the filmmaking industry is growing every year. Once a month, Cap City Video Lounge hosts a filmmaker's meeting where local filmmakers and videographers get together to share their work and plan new projects. For Tallahassee residents that dream of Blockbuster's return as well as regular movie showings, Cap City Video Lounge is a dream come true. 

All Saints Cinema

Originally a railroad freight warehouse, All Saints Cinema opened in 2005. The venue hosts all types of cinematic events and festivals, from features of local filmmakers to animation festivals. All Saints Cinema is known for showing more obscure titles, such as Rafiki and The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. For a small price of $7.00 per ticket, filmgoers can experience everything from classic cinematic masterpieces to niche titles for extreme film buffs. This venue presents movies of all kinds all year round, so there is always an opportunity to catch a fun flick with your roommates

For those who attend All Saints' showings on a regular basis, patrons are invited to join the Tallahassee Film Society. The perks include one free pass to Tallahassee Film Society showings, discounters for events, discounted admission at all screenings at the Governors Square Theater, and best of all, advanced notice of events and feature showings before the general public knows! 

Florida State University's Student Life Cinema

The closest venue to most FSU apartments is Florida State's very own Student Life Cinema, a full-sized movie theater located on Learning Way. Admission is free for students and $6.00 for the general public. The movie theater is conveniently located to several of the apartments near FSU, even within walking distance! The theater shows just about everything from recently released blockbusters to nostalgic childhood classics. For those who want to get involved behind the curtain, there are film meetings once every week where students get together to decide which films to show every month. For such an affordable price and a plethora of fun events, it's easy to see why Tallahassee is home to a ton of movie magic.

While there are a ton of fun ways to get involved with the local film scene, nothing compares to getting cozy and enjoying a movie with friends at home. In fact, many of the local apartment complexes have miniature movie theaters and host film socials on-site!

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