What is Feng Shui and how can I do it in my Tallahassee apartment?

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An aesthetic and organized living room in Tally Square apartments allows Chi to flow freely through the space.

Spiritual students of Tallahassee Community College living in apartments near TCC may be interested in Feng Shui, a technique of arranging your living space and furniture in a particular way to promote positive energy flow through the space. The principles of Feng Shui go back for thousands of years, and its practice is not restricted to your home; you can apply the principles of Feng Shui to your working space, your garden, anywhere you want to promote a positive energy in your environment. Literally translating to "wind and water", practitioners of Feng Shui believe in using and directing Chi, a hidden life force that exists everywhere, to promote harmony between a person and their environment. It's said to have many benefits, including bringing good luck, good health, and happy relationships. If this sounds like something you're interested in trying, read on to learn how you can practice Feng Shui in TCC apartments.

Directing Chi

The basic goal of Feng Shui is to promote an unobstructed flow of Chi, the life force that flows through you and everything around you, through your home. Visit the Qigong Energy Healing website for more information on the history of the practice.

You can promote a healthy flow of energy in many ways, but the techniques of Feng Shui mostly boil down to ensuring that you have a clear path through your home, that your home is kept clean and pleasant to look at, and that your tools and appliances are in the most efficient location for their use.

Keep a clear path in your TCC Apartment

An important tenet of Feng Shui is to keep a clear path for energy to flow through your home. Energy blockages are said to lead to feelings of lethargy, exhaustion, and unproductivity. But how do you ensure that there are no blockages in TCC apartments? A good rule of thumb is that if your way through your apartment is obstructed, then the energy is also obstructed.

If there's any clutter on the floor that you find yourself constantly stepping over, clear it off the floor. If you hang purses or backpacks on door handles that make them difficult to open, move them to their own dedicated hook on the wall instead. Take a moment to think about the arrangement of the furniture in your home; are there any tables that you always bump your hip on as you pass, or chairs that you stub your toe on too often? If so, move your furniture into an arrangement that makes your living area easy to traverse without trouble. This will also free up the energy flow in the space.

Positive atmosphere

Another technique for fostering positive energy in your home is to decorate your apartment with things that make you feel good. It's easier to live positively if you're surrounded by decor that you love, after all. To practice this aspect of Feng Shui, take a day to catalogue your decorations and decide whether they make you happy or not. If they don't make you happy, take them down and throw them away or set them aside in storage. Then replace those decorations with things that make you happy! This can be pictures of close friends and family, art, or Tallahassee Community College posters and pennants. Get creative! Only you can decide what will create the most positive environment for you.

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