Where can I buy fresh local produce near my FAMU apartment?

Any experienced chef knows the importance of cooking with fresh ingredients to make a tasty dish. While larger grocery chains may be convenient, there are extra benefits to buying local produce that make the trip worth your effort. Luckily for students living in FAMU apartments, Tallahassee offers plenty of places to get fresh produce at fair prices. Try checking out one or more of the places on this list next time you go out for produce.

Tallahassee Flea Market

Located in Southeast Tallahassee, the Flea Market isn't exactly down the block from most FAMU apartments. With this in mind, the experience is well worth the drive. Local vendors line up on Sunday mornings to sell some of the freshest produce in the city at unbeatable prices. One of the real advantages of this market is the overall experience and wide range of products to choose from. Bargain hunters will feel right at home in the flea market with vendors selling anything from musical instruments to pottery and clothing. If searching around the market isn't your style, it's still worth the drive for the produce alone. Just remember that the producer vendors only attend on Sunday mornings, and that it's best to get there early before the product sells out. 

Frenchtown Farmers Market

The Frenchtown Farmers Market is a community-run produce and artisan's market which takes place every Saturday morning until 2 PM. Located in one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city, this farmers market offers an ever-changing variety of goods from the immediate Tallahassee area. In this way, you can purchase handmade goods, produce, and hot food directly from the source while keeping it local. Like any farmers market, the early bird gets the worm, and you're much better off getting there as early as possible to this popular market. 

Downtown Farmers Market

Much like the Frenchtown Farmers Market, the downtown market is open every Saturday until 2 PM. This market is conveniently located in the heart of downtown on Monroe and Park. The beautiful location in the park should be easily walkable from any downtown apartment. Featuring produce, live music, and handmade goods, this Tallahassee tradition is a must-see for those getting to know the community and appreciate the local culture.

Southern Growers Market

This small shop on Capital Circle is open seven days a week, and features its freshest produce from Thursday until Sunday. Southern Growers is located a bit further east than FAMU, and should be only a short drive from any Midtown apartment. There is a smaller market with more options located next door, but this shop is mostly for veggie and fruit lovers. The service is friendly and the prices are right, making this my favorite stop for buying local produce. 

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