How long can I have a visitor stay at FAMU apartments?

So you're attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, living in an apartment, and you have a friend or a family member who needs a place to stay. Since you are a nice, caring person, you offer your apartment up as a temporary respite for your loved one. However, when a week turns into two weeks, which then turns into two months, this raises an interesting question: How long can a visitor stay in apartments near FAMU when they're not technically on the lease? The answer is, it depends.

In the case of an extended-stay guest who is not on the lease, it is a matter that concerns the resident as well as the property manager of FAMU apartments. You have to be honest with yourself and determine if your visitor realizes that they have become a part of your household. Many people may and will start contributing right away. However, in the case of freeloaders, they will try and remain in visitor status as long as possible. You have to understand the issue this causes for your apartment community. When you signed the lease, you stated how many individuals would be residing in your apartment. This is done for a reason, since property managers do not want to rent out a one bedroom apartment to someone who has converted it into their own two bedroom unit with four people living on top of one another. This could potentially be breaking certain codes. It is very important to know the rules when it comes to your community.

Basically, apartments near FAMU have rules about extended visitors to protect you, the renter, and the surrounding residents. There are varying laws in different cities, countries and states regarding visitors having to pay rent after a certain amount of time. You should definitely do your research before you agree to have your loved one stay with you. If you know they will be staying with you longer than a week, you will need to talk to your visitor and come up with a roommate agreement on splitting the bills and potentially adding their name onto the lease. This ensures that they will go through the same credit check that you did, and will help the property manager feel secure that they will actually pay the rent. This also helps surrounding residents. Imagine living next to an apartment with an extended guest that your community has no record, trace or any legal liability over. You may tend to feel a bit insecure. Of course, talking to your neighbor may alleviate any issues, but this is why it is important to know the laws and rules of your community's office.

FAMU apartments will often not have an issue with significant others staying over throughout the duration of the lease, unless it becomes a problem for the renter or other residents. It would be near impossible for a community to count and track every time your significant other stayed over, and you can imagine it wouldn't make residents very happy to force your boyfriend or girlfriend to sign a lease. Some communities are way more strict than others when it comes to overnight guests. They may ask them to park in a designated visitors spot, or else they will be towed. Some communities may have you check them in beforehand to grant them a guest pass. Other communities let guests come and go as they please. The most important thing is to talk to your community's office staff if there is any question about a guest or visitor you may have in your apartment. Different communities have different rules when it comes to visitors, so be sure to check with your office before promising a bed or a couch to anyone. 

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