I am moving to town to attend FAMU. How do I find a roommate in Tallahassee?

Congratulations on your upcoming move to Tallahassee and starting school at FAMU! We know how overwhelming moving to a new city and finding a new apartment can feel. If you're looking to rent a floor plan larger than a studio or 1- bedroom, finding roommates to live with can be an added stress. Here's a couple of different methods to find roommates for your apartment near FAMU

Living with Friends in Apartments near FAMU

If you know of anyone from your high school also attending FAMU, it's a great idea to consider living together! However, regardless of how close you are, living with friends can be a tricky, as many people assume the living situation will work out perfectly simply because your friends. We recommend having a conversation ahead of deciding to live together or moving in together. Discuss exact living expectations so there's no surprises upon move-in. Ask questions about how clean they are, how often they have friends over, etc.

Another option to find roommates for your apartment near FAMU is to look for friends in your classes or clubs on campus! Many students find lifelong friends and awesome roommates this way because most of the time, particularly with clubs, students in these similar groups have similar interests. This is an excellent option for a built-in study buddy as well, as you'll be able to collaborate with your future roommate on coursework and studying.

Facebook Groups for FAMU Apartments

There are many Facebook groups designated to finding roommates for your apartment near FAMU. Try searching "FAMU Apartments" or "FAMU Roommates" into Facebook to find the various groups. Within the groups, students typically post that they're looking for roommates, along with a blurb about themselves and their lifestyle. Try scrolling through the posts and message anyone you feel you'd get along with or create a post yourself! 

Roommate Matching in Apartments near FAMU

Finally, many FAMU students reply on roommate matching programs to find their future roomies. FAMU apartments with roommate matching are a great way to meet new people and potentially make new friends. The roommate matching process is very simple, when you're filling out your application, you'll fill out a series of lifestyle questions. These questions will cover topics like cleanliness, study habits, sleeping habits, your interests, and more. Leasing teams then use your answers to match you up with others they feel you'd get along with!

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