I’m moving to the area to start school at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, what are some ways for me to manage my stress in my new FAMU apartment?

Living alone for the first time can be a worrisome experience. Especially if you may be moving away from some of the familiar people and places in order to begin life as a college student. Reducing stress is so important as a student and a first time solo renter. There are many different ways one can reduce stress, and a great way to start, is by cultivating a living space that encourages peace of mind.

Creating Calm with Décor

You'll likely live a busy life as a student. In your first, solo FAMU apartment, you'll want to make sure that your living space aids in keeping you calm. After a long day of class, studying, building a career, and possible extracurricular activities, the last thing you want to do is to come home to a stressful living space. Decorating your apartment in your favorite colors, filling your apartment with your favorite scents and sounds, and even the lighting in your FAMU apartment can help create a mood suitable for relaxation. Balcony spaces are great for creating a meditation space. Try getting a soft rug or comfortable seating, yoga mats, and plants to place on your balcony. Spending time daily out on the balcony getting fresh air and natural sunlight should definitely help regulate your mood. Check out this article for ideas on space saving balcony decorating.

Blow Off Some Steam

Regular physical activity has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Thankfully, many apartments near Florida A&M include fitness centers as amenities. You can exercise every day without going far from your apartment. Different apartments will have different fitness facilities. You can compare them during your apartment searching process to see which facility would be best for you. Plan out a couple of 30 minute or hour spots weekly, during which you can hit the gym and blow off some steam.

Get a Comfort Companion

Having a pet has also been proven to help with stress and anxiety. For some it's a furry friend, for others it may be feathers, or even a fish or reptile. If caring for a pet would be of interest to you, be sure that, when searching for your apartment, you are searching to see if they are pet friendly. Most places will say if they allow dogs or cats, others you may have to ask if they will allow any other kinds of animals besides those. Having a companion to care for and to care for you is a great way to relieve stress through play, through cuddling, or even just to know that you aren't alone in your apartment.

Managing stress is something we should all take seriously. Stress negatively effects our health so it's important that we are proactive in doing what we can to keep ourselves from getting too overwhelmed. Hopefully the tips mentioned here can help you as you embark on your journey as a first-time solo renter in your FAMU apartment. 

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