Now that I’ve moved into an apartment near FAMU, how would you recommend I meet people and make friends?

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You might meet your new BFF at Seminole Trails' fitness center.

Moving is tough! Not only do you have to figure out what's coming with you, then pack up all your belongings and settle into a new space, but you also have to say goodbye to your old friends. You may not know many folks from your classes at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University yet, but fortunately, there are tons of options in and around FAMU apartments where you can meet people and make new friends. I would definitely recommend you check out the following:

  • Trivia. Put your obscure knowledge to good use while finding people with similar interests. Look for themed trivia options near FAMU apartments, which can range from Harry Potter to Friends, or check out the best trivia options in Tallahassee, per Yelp. You can join a team and share all you know - it's more than you think. Whether you're weirdly on top of sports history or American history, before you know it, you'll be bringing your new friends back to your apartment for a round or two of Trivial Pursuit.
  • Live sports. FAMU has some impressive sports teams, so whether you prefer men's golf or women's volleyball, there's something for you to watch - just check out the schedule beforehand. I would suggest checking out a few different games, since they'll be near the FAMU apartments, to see what crowds and sports best align with your interests. Whether or not you're willing to paint your face, you'll likely meet some like-minded folks cheering for the same team.
  • Workout classes. You chose one of the apartments near FAMU with a killer fitness center for a reason, right? Burn off the stress of moving and meet new people in a workout class, either offered on-site at your apartment's fitness center or at other popular classes in your Tallahassee neighborhood. If having a set class type of time doesn't appeal, try jogging around your apartment - you'll likely meet someone else out and about who shares your fitness interests, and you can become workout partners!
  • Your apartment. It may seem obvious, but the other people living in student apartments near FAMU are likely in a similar situation - new to the area and looking to make new friends. See what organized resident activities your apartment offers, or just say "hey" when you pass your neighbors on your way to the mailbox. Make good use of the amenities that brought you to your apartment in the first place (Hello, swimming pool!), and you're sure to find people with similar interests living next door.

It can be awkward and uncomfortable to try to make new friends, so make an effort not to focus too much on finding your next best friend forever. Instead, find things near the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University that you enjoy, and do them. When you spend time doing the things you love, you'll keep doing them - and find others who love doing them too. Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm sure you'll have some new friends in no time.

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