What are individual leases and do any FAMU apartments offer them?

Many FAMU apartments offer individual leases. Individual leases are usually considered the ideal lease for college students and since much of the FAMU area is populated with them you'll find that they are pretty common throughout the community. However it's important to become familiar with all lease types in the area before you make any final decisions towards an individual lease in your new home. No one wants to get stuck in a lease they don't like. You really only end up with two options, sucking it up and riding the lease out until it ends or terminating the lease early and getting stuck with a bunch of penalty fees for breaking your agreement. Neither of those options sound too enticing so remember to be completely knowledgeable of your options before you make any final decisions.

It's important to remember that you won't really find any individual leases that offer 1 bedroom floor plans. Individual leases are usually catered to bigger groups of people and usually come with apartments that offer up to 4 bedroom floor plans. So if you're not interested in having an roommates then you can pretty much immediately throw out the idea of choosing an individual lease for your FAMU apartment.

When you sign an individual lease you are agreeing to remain tenancy in your FAMU apartment for a set amount of time that usually lasts about a year (however you may find a few semester long leases.) While you're living in your apartment you'll be required to pay a set amount of rent each month. What makes it so perfect for college students is that you are only in charge of yourself. This means that each month your rent goes towards your share of the common living areas such as the dining room, living room, kitchen, and balcony or patio; as well as your own private areas such as bedroom and bathroom. Sometimes a small sitting area will be included in your share as well. So say your roommate decides to move out, in a normal lease you'd still have to make payments for the rental rates of the entire apartment for the month. With an individual lease you won't be affected by your roommate's transgressions in any negative way. Even if they move out you are still only responsible for your share of the apartment. That's the special ingredient that makes the individual lease perfect for college students whether you're friends with your roommates or living with someone you just recently met you can feel secure that you won't be displaced from your home from the fault of anyone else.

Numerous apartments near TCC offer individual leases that are perfect for your average college student.

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