Where can I celebrate my FAMU graduation with friends and family?

Congratulations on graduating from Florida A & M University! Graduation is such an exciting time, so enjoy this celebration. If you don't want to commemorate your amazing achievement of finishing college in your FAMU apartment, have no fear. There are plenty of places in the Tallahassee area to celebrate. Whether you intend to have your celebration as a brunch, or dinner Tallahassee has a location perfect for this event. 

A Picnic in the Park.

As a FAMU student, I'm sure you are familiar with the ever-beautiful Cascades Park. Located near the university and FAMU apartments, it's a beloved spot among students. If you want an outdoor celebration, why not have a picnic in the park? If that isn't your style, The Edison is conveniently located at the heart of the park. They offer indoor and outdoor seating. With fans and heaters, a dinner on the deck is in the cards no matter the time of year. Just below The Edison, is The Power Plant which is more of a breakfast/coffee spot. This is a great spot to bring the family the morning of or after graduation.

Fondue, But Not For Two.

With vegan and gluten-free options, fondue has never been so accommodating. The Melting Pot is a great place to go for any celebration and they can accommodate most dietary needs. Although the restaurant is built for smaller parties, if your group is around six people, this might be an option worth considering. If you do decide to spend your celebration here, order the Classic Alpine and make sure to dip some pretzel bread in there. Of everything to do in Tallahassee, a nice Uber driver recommended this place as a must-do so don't take it from me, take it from him. It's good! 


Perhaps this is an unconventional suggestion, but I find the idea of having a tea party to celebrate graduation so cute. Enjoy high tea, with a large hat and a scone to dip in the tea flavor of your choice. All Things Tea is a favorite among locals. They offer many different packages, but the most fitting for a graduation celebration would be the Royal Afternoon Tea at the Tavern package for $30. This package includes bubbly jasmine tea or champagne as well as scones, sandwiches, curds. and more. For more details, be sure to check out the website linked above. Although this spot is located in Northeast Tallahassee and is a bit of a drive from apartments near FAMU, it could be worth the trip if you're a tea lover. 

Midtown has options. 

Check out Midtown for tons of restaurant options. With Table 23, Over Under, Cool Beans Cafe, and others, there are options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks. Whether you're craving southern cooking, sushi, or tacos, there will be a restaurant for the occasion in Midtown or near Midtown. After dinner, you can even head over to Clusters and Hops for a bottle of celebratory champagne. 

Once again, congratulations on your graduation from FAMU and enjoy your well-deserved celebration! 

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