How do I find an apartment close to campus but also near FSU?

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Torchlight is close to campus but outside of the hustle and bustle of FSU.

Florida Agriculture and Mechanic University, know as FAMU, is one of several colleges homesteaded in Tallahassee, Florida. With a total of eleven schools in the city, FAMU is located right in the middle of it all. Just off of Oceola Street and Wahnish Way, FAMU is within reaching distance of the city Capitol, downtown and Florida State University campus

Although known as a student-centered town, Tallahassee is a more personable and smaller community than one would think. Most areas in Tallahassee are just a short drive from FAMU apartments and campus life. Therefore, whether you choose to live just outside of campus or closer to another state University, you will still be right around the corner from class.

Florida State University is only a few miles from the FAMU collegiate grounds. If you are looking to live in a shared area between the two schools, try starting your search for placed near or on Monroe Street. This neighborhood district is midway from both campuses. Monroe Street is surrounded by nightlife, bars, diners, shops and recreational parks. It is no wonder that communities near these areas are dominated by FAMU and FSU students alike. Lake Ella is just minutes from Monroe Street and is a very popular spot for outdoor loving students.

Downtown Tallahassee has been a growing attraction for FAMU students. Students in this area get to experience the busting urban atmosphere of downtown living while being minutes from a college lifestyle. This area is perfect for those starting an internship or wanting to live near convenience. Properties in downtown tend to be more modern, upscale and pricier than other area in Tallahassee.

The Midtown district has become one of Tallahassee’s hidden treasures. A perfect convenience for FAMU students hoping to be closer to other schools, Midtown is conveniently located in the middle of the city. This area hosts a strip of bars, restaurants and boutiques. It is near major roadways, downtown and campus.

Cheaper apartments will be closer towards campus. If you are leaning more towards want to live near a Seminole, check with their campus regulations. They may have strict requirements as to what type of residents may live in each area. Meaning, there may be some areas where only FSU students are able to inhabit. However, more than likely, many divided houses surround both campus areas. Always be sure to check with your leasing staff.

If you are looking for a more laid back community both in close range to each campus, try looking for communities near Thomasville. This area, known as Northeast Tallahassee, is filled with older and more charming homes. Although these apartments may be pricier than student housing, Northeast allows its residence to escape the college chaos and enjoy a finer Tallahassee life. If you are interested in this area, check out the Paddlock Club for affordable and student friendly living.

Most FAMU and FSU students form alliances with one another due to the close proximity of the schools. It is not rare that you will find roommates paired from different Universities. Tallahassee is known for its college town. If you are uncertain as to which area of the city is more fitting for you, try checking out our neighborhood guide! This guide will give you details about each area and allow you to search for apartments within your desired proximity. Remember, no matter where you live in Tallahassee, you will only be a short drive away from your desired destination.

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